Friday, 15 May 2015 10:17

Year 8 Meet Local Charity Chairperson

On Thursday 14th May Mrs. Maxine O’Daly visited the Year 8 Citizenship class to talk about their work. Mrs O’Daly is the chairperson of Cancer Patients’ Support Group (Paphos) which is a local charity established to provide support and services to cancer patients and their families. CPSG Paphos is affiliated with PASYKAF which is an island-wide association of cancer support groups providing much-needed assistance in every district.

The meeting was an enjoyable and productive experience for the children and Mrs. O’Daly. First Ewan, Nikita and Jenya made a presentation explaining what they had learned about cancer, then Argyro, Liza and Yana explained how the children had researched and chosen CPSG Paphos as the local charity they would like to support with their own fundraising efforts. Lastly, Charlotte and Eleni presented an information poster they had made with Misha outlining the fundraising ideas the group had.

In reply Mrs. O’Daly thanked the students for their efforts and said she was very encouraged by their enthusiasm. She was particularly interested in the technology fast which began at 12.00 noon the day before. Mrs O’Daly gave the children a brief talk on what motivated her to become involved in the charity and offered suggestions of other fun, simple ideas that fundraisers for CPSG Paphos had used in the past. She also left flyers and information leaflets for the charity’s busy calendar of events over the coming months. These are available in the school reception for those interested.

Mrs. O’Daly also explained the work of CPSG Paphos in greater detail. In particular, the children were very moved to learn that the group conducts as many as 1500 care visits to cancer patients and their families every year. They receive no government support but through fundraising efforts are able to provide in-home care, nursing services, help with prescription costs and respite care. Mrs. O’Daly also explained that CPSG Paphos was recently able to buy mechanical ‘drivers’ for the automatic delivery of pain relief so patients can continue to be cared for at home rather than in hospital. All of this work is impossible without fundraisers and volunteers.

Both Mrs. O’Daly and the children enjoyed this ‘first contact’ and further discussions will be held in the near future to see how we can continue to work with the charity in the longer term. Mrs. O’Daly wished to pass on her gratitude to all those who took part in, or supported, the technology fast. She took a few moments to visit some primary children who had become involved and thanked them for their efforts personally.

If you are interested in the work of CPSG Paphos please visit their website: