Thursday, 28 May 2015 18:33


We are delighted to announce that Private British School ASPIRE has been selected, together with 2 other public schools from Nicosia, to represent Cyprus for the EUROSCOLA 2015. EUROSCOLA brings together about 600 students from all over the European Union for a day in Strasbourg discussing aspects of European integration, in multilingual working groups of 100 students.

A group of about 600 students and comprising groups from each of the EU countries is invited to spend a day in Strasbourg discussing the effects that European integration will have on their future.  They do this in multilingual working groups, each of which comprises about 100 members.  The working group chooses a spokesperson to present the conclusions of its discussions to the participants assembled in a 'plenary sitting' in the Chamber of the European Parliament at the end of the afternoon.  The participants then vote on these conclusions.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit places of interest in and around Strasbourg.

A group of 24 students across all three schools will have the honour to represent Cyprus and raise important issues for consideration within the European Parliament. The cost of the trip and accommodation are fully covered by the European Union. The students’ group will be accompanied by three teachers; one from each school. We are the only private school across the island chosen to participate for the October 2015 programme.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Maria Mita for her hard work preparing an excellent application to the European Committee in Cyprus. Her excellent application has been acknowledged and Mrs Maria Mita has been positioned as our school’s coordinator escorting the students to Strasbourg!

The eight students representing our school will be selected following application forms, taking an examination on topics related to the European Union and participating in an oral workshop. The selection process will be conducted on Monday, June 22nd and the trip will take place from October 8th until October 12th 2015. Applicants must come from Year 11 and Year 12 of next academic year as the European Union only accepts students over a certain age.

For more information about EUROSCOLA you may visit: or 

We feel so proud about such an achievement and the amazing experiences our students will gain! We continue the hard work and determination providing the best possible opportunities to our school community!!!