Monday, 08 June 2015 09:28

€1,000 fundraised in aid of Cancer Patients’ Support Group - CPSG (Paphos)

As part of the Citizenship work this term, ASPIRE’s students have been learning about local charities and the valuable work they do. Year 8 students have chosen to try to help the Cancer Patients’ Support Group – CPSG (Paphos) by raising funds for them and also trying to raise awareness in the wider community. You can visit their website at to learn more. 

Friends and family members sponsored ASPIRE’s students as they promised to give up electronic games, computers, mobile phones and all other gadgets for one whole day! The plan was to hold this event on Wednesday 13th May starting at 12.00 noon and run for one day until 12:00 on Thursday 14th May. 

The astonishing amount of €1,000 was collected from our school community proving that students can discard technology and their beloved gadgets for a good cause!!! Just for a day though…! We would like to congratulate Dr Andrew Sneddon for coordinating the fundraising and the year eight team for their great effort!!!

 On Thursday 4th June ASPIRE’s principal, Mrs S. Hadjiyiakoumi, was delighted to deliver a €1,000 cheque to CPSG chairman, Maxine O’Daly.

 According to CPSG all money raised will go towards one of the special Patient Controlled Analgesic Machines which cost €2,500 each. The machine allows patients to control their own pain whilst staying in their home. The machine will be carefully monitored by PASYKAF Homecare nurses to meet infusion guidelines safely.

 Maxine O’Daly Chairman of the CPSG recently spent a morning with Year 8 who had reached local charities to identify their final choice. She found members of the class and its teacher passionate about what they were doing and thanks to technology they were well informed about the charity but ready to learn more about the history behind PASYKAF, Homecare Nursing, The Volunteer Sector of CPSG, Fundraising and Awareness and Prevention through Early Detection. 

 What Next?

 The team plans to suggest the idea to other schools participating in a common day ‘giving up’ technology in the following academic year. The fundraising is expected to be much higher together with the target of wider public awareness. 

 As Maxine O’Daly said: “There is no doubt that the young people of this school are the inspiring spirit of tomorrow”!