Tuesday, 07 July 2015 09:47

Interactive Mathematics

By Ms Christiana Erotokritou - Mathematics Teacher 

During the past academic year, secondary children had the opportunity to experience different ways of teaching, working in groups as well as individually, using different materials, including worksheets, the whiteboard, mathematical applications and use of technology. This year, all year groups had the chance to work with two maths teachers in the class.

In one of those lessons, the Year 7 class had the chance to work with technology as well as physically construct and display different 3D shapes and nets of 3D shapes. The children worked in groups first to take apart 3D shapes to see their flat nets and learn to identify the shapes as well as any special characteristics they may have. They then made their own nets and construct the 3D shapes using those nets. This was a fun activity for the kids, as they really enjoyed working in groups and visualised their knowledge, the lesson gave them the chance to learn whilst having fun, without using the board and their books like most lessons. Then they saw a presentation using a mathematical applet which connected the traditional lesson with the more practical one.

Every student, regardless of their ability, had the chance to engage in the process and this boost their confidence.

We are looking forward to the next year, for more fun activities, to prove that maths can also be fun!