Thursday, 16 July 2015 08:07


By Mr Yiannis Sarris - Head of Science / Science Teacher

Aspire is keen in making new collaborations and contributing to the community and the environment. It was for this reason that our school undertook a difficult task, along with Silverline School from Limassol. Both schools introduced to students a fun day about recycling and green living in general. The joined effort was to inform about and involve the students with recycling.

Silverline students and science teacher arrived to Aspire early in the morning. The day started with a very interesting and extremely informational presentation. All year groups went for the presentation in a rota. The presentation was a good training targeting the young community. Topics included green living and making them aware of the dangers of overuse of landfills. As a follow-up students were introduced to reasons for recycling and the need for being part of a green generation. Some methods for recycling introduce were can-crushing, plastic bottles and other containers, glass and waste paper.

The exciting part then came, that all students were anticipating. In the sphere of recycling can-crushing can be something very useful and fun as well. Our students had been collecting cans two weeks in advance. The procedure was quite simple. Use empty, clean soda cans that a student places over a Bunsen burner to heat up. Air and humidity expand and start leaving the can. Once it was hot, it was submerse, top down in a bowl of cool water. The can imploded immediately without any effort. 

Lab was provided and prepared by our science department. The practical demonstration was prepared and coordinated by the Silverline students and Science teacher. An audio-visual presentation followed which was prepared by the Aspire Science department.

Students not only learned how to crash cans in a fun way but also made a good use of their school knowledge for safety. All the students had to wear safety goggles and lab coats. Moreover they had to use tongs to hold the hot cans and keep a safe distance from Bunsen burners.

More importantly students experienced a healthy collaboration in the lab during the practical and for cleaning up afterwards. Inevitably students socialized, had a chance to compare with each other school cultures, meet new people and understand diversity and have higher acceptance to different.

As a whole the Aspire-Silverline recycling informational day was a success. Students got informed about recycling and were trained on the different methods for doing that. The most exciting part was the can-crashing practical where all the students had the chance to implode a soda can. This not only made the day extremely fun but furthermore, it made them socialize with other students and have a hands-on experience with recycling.