Friday, 17 July 2015 09:03

Kindergarten – Reception Trip to the Fire Station

By Mrs Karen Cresswell - Reception Teacher

During our topic work on people who help us the children were extremely excited to be visited by our local Policeman Panayiotis who came in to school to talk to the children about road safety and safety equipment. He showed a video on how to cross the road safely and how to wear the correct safety clothing when riding a bike. He gave the children reflective strips to wear so they can be seen when it is dark outside which the children loved. He was then very pleased when after his presentation the children were able to answer questions about what they had learnt. The children found the whole experience very interesting and made a card for the policeman to say thank you.

We then linked our class trip with our topic work. The children enjoyed a trip to our local fire station in Paphos where they had great fun learning about fire safety and the role of the fire fighter. The firemen showed us the equipment, the fire engines and we had a tour of whole fire station. The children looked at different fire engines and the firemen taught us what is necessary to be a true fireman. Everyone’s favourite part was getting a chance to spray the water hose. The children truly loved it. On returning to school the children made box model fire engines, fire safety posters and talked about what they had seen and learnt at the fire station.

What an amazing experience!