Monday, 20 July 2015 16:57

Year 5’s Year

By Mr William Strath / Year 5 Teacher

This academic year in addition to our work on literacy and mathematics we had an enjoyable time studying these topics in Geography, History, Art and Science. We looked at aspects of World War 2 from the viewpoint of children being evacuated and the deprivations of living in war time.  We made models of gas masks and looked at how to make large scale drawings from smaller images. 

We next became warriors and studied how the Vikings lived, worked, ate and dressed.  We made models of longships, Viking Helmets (without Horns!), shields and Standing Stones. Our final topic saw us going further back in time to prehistoric times and learned why the bronze age was so important and made models of prehistoric tools and beakers and looked at Stonehenge. In Geography we looked at our locality and what we could see around us. We did surveys, landscape pictures and researched how traffic affects us and what could be improved.  We then examined the why water is so important to us and how water arrives at our homes and the broader use made of water (or its lack) around the world. 

We finally looked how people lived in other countries, looking at life through the eyes of children in El Salvador and India. In Science we looked at living things and variation amongst us; we discovered the stages by which plants reproduce and looked at our Earth and is place in the solar system. We had sports and games activities; went on field trips to a monastery and a castle and  played in a cricket competition. Finally we completed our year with an exciting overnight camp and activities at Polis.

ting overnight camp and activities at Polis.