Tuesday, 06 October 2015 11:00

Student Council Elections

Student Council Elections

Aspire’s Students voted for a Student Council yesterday, Monday October 5th. In the secondary assembly last week, the students were introduced to the concept of a Student Council and what its role will be within the school. 

The following positions were elected by the whole secondary school: 

Student President
Student Vice-President (runner-up in the election for President)

Only students from the top 2 years could run for Student President and Vice-President.

Together with the above positions the student council body will hold a representative from each class. Class representative candidates gave a speech to their class before the class vote. Students from all year groups assembled in the Hall where the candidates for President, Treasurer and Secretary gave their speeches as well. All students then voted for their preferred candidate.

Year 9 coordinated the elections and voting process as part of their citizenship study. They counted the votes and the results were announced to the students. We would like to congratulate all students who took part in the process and especially the ones elected for this year’s Student Council




Solomiya Matsala


Joseph Hadjiyiakoumi


Louis-Alexandre Lobanov


Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi

Year 7 class representative

Nikoletta Charalambous

Year 8 class representative

Caitlin Clark

Year 9 class representative

Liza Kyrylova

Year 10 class representative

Sarah Koring

Year 11 class representative

Michael Charalambous

Year 12 class representative

Jonathan Clark