Monday, 02 November 2015 14:26

Aspire ‘Paphos’ School Mural

Aspire Private British School are pro- active in their support of the ‘European Capital of Culture 2017’ through their production of creative Arts projects. The school will initiate and realise these projects over the coming two years and beyond, which will showcase the expertise the school has to offer and the outstanding talent of the students across the Arts. The first project of which is the school mural inspired by Paphos, this can be viewed to the rear of the school building. Students from years 7-9 collaborated with students from the ‘Express Yourself Art Club’ in years 5-6 and senior students from the ‘Special Art and Design Clubs’ working under the direction of the Art and Design teacher Miss Cooke, to create a mural which explored notions of Paphos- ‘Ancient and Modern.’ Students were encouraged to consider their personal experience of Paphos and to research the history and culture of the region in the construction of their individual designs. Many common themes arose as a result of this investigation which included:

Ancient/ Modern-

Transport by donkey- Paphos airport, transport by plane

Orthodox Churches as a landmark- Kings Avenue Mall and shopping Centres

Olive Trees- Banana plants

Roman baths- Paphos Water Park

Mouflon- Exotic animals from Paphos Zoo

Amphitheatre- Cinema

Greek architecture- Tourist bars and night clubs

Donkey trails and dust tracks- Dual- carriageway and roads

Traditional stone houses- Hotels and Villas

Village life-Tourist villages

Greek dancing- Clubbers

Meze and traditional Cypriot food- Burgers and international cuisine

The intention was for Miss Cooke to select one of the designs to scale up for creation of the final mural. The designs were of a high standard and all offered a unique take on Paphos and so Miss Cooke decided to design an image which incorporated imagery and concepts consistent with all of the students’ designs. The students then drew the design to scale and taking inspiration from the artist Henri Rousseau they further developed the design with the addition of an exotic garden featuring butterflies, plants, birds and cats native to the island of Cyprus. Miss Cooke added:

“I’d like to congratulate all of the students in their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, which has paid dividends in the creation of an art work which not only represents the level of talent in the school but examples what can emerge when we dare to imagine.”