Monday, 29 February 2016 08:16

Secondary Trip to the Cypriot Nature

Last Wednesday, February 24th, all of the secondary school had the chance to appreciate the natural elements of our beautiful island. We left our books and classrooms behind for the day and we visited places like Asprokremnos Dam, Smugglers’ Rock (Chasamboulia), Omodos village and Kaledonia Falls in Platres village. Our students were thrilled by the trip and they were amazed at the natural beauty of Cypriot winter!!!

All of the places are relatively close to Paphos and are highly recommended for a weekend excursion for your family!

We started our trip and after 25 minutes we reached Asprokremnos Dam. The construction of the dam started in 1978 and it was opened in 1982. It is the second largest dam in Cyprus with a maximum depth of 53metres. Due to poor rainfall, it is rare to overflow and it is considered an important wetland for epidemic and migratory birds.

We then visited Smugglers’ Rock; an amazing landscape that you must visit! It is a very famous place for rock climbing as many fans visit the place every weekend to practice their skills. Just below the rock there is a wonderful small river with plenty of space on the side for a picnic. Our students had the chance to have their morning snack with the sounds of the flowing water of the river and the singing of the nightingales. Our year 10 to 12 Art students used their sketchbooks and under the instructions of their Art teacher drew parts of the landscape. Our year 7 students under the instructions of their Geography teachers had the chance to take different measurements and explore the river and the surrounding area.

Next stop was Omodos village! What a place to visit! The village is very traditional with lovely coffee shops and traditional tavernas. The people were so friendly and our students enjoyed the interaction with the local community. The village produces a lot of wine and holds a wine festival every August. You can visit a 17th Century stone built monastery via a cobblestone path. We visited the Monastery and had the chance to eat some freshly baked bread! The smell reached into every corner of the place..!!

Our last and most amazing stop was Platres village – Kaledonia Falls! We followed the trail starting from Psilo Dentro trout farm.  The trail has a length of 3 km. The route might be difficult due to the sudden changes in gradient, but it is quite easy with decent shoes. On the route we had the chance to observe many species of the local flora with the sounds of the Kaledonia birds. This beautiful waterfall is one of the highest located in Cyprus and is surrounded by forest; it is most popular in summer, when it offers a cool and shady retreat from the powerful midday sun. We all managed to reach the waterfall successfully and we were thrilled by the beauty of the landscape!!!

What an unforgettable trip! We all returned back safe, on time and with lots of wonderful memories to share with our friends and families!