Friday, 11 November 2016 11:29

Pan-Cyprian Art Competition

Aspire Private British school are pleased to announce students participation in the pan-Cyprian art competition (organised by POSYGOPEA) which is open to students aged 12- 18 from across schools in Cyprus. The competition marks a special occasion- for the first time ever (in Cyprus) activities and workshops will be held in celebration of the national day for people with special educational needs (Saturday 3rd December 2016.) An exhibition of the art works will be presented on this day at Faneromeni’s square in Nicosia between 11am and 4pm (where the winners will be announced.) The general public and students are welcome to attend.

In support of children with special educational needs, the title of the art competition is ‘put yourself in my shoes.’ Students have been encouraged to create art works which explore the concept of ‘’the school I dream, one school for everybody.’’

POSYGOPEA are a parents and teachers association who work collectively to uphold the educational development of children with special educational needs, ensuring experiences which help nurture the body, mind and soul of each individual throughout their journey. POSYGOPEA’s message is as poignant as ever:

It is hard to believe that in the Twenty- first Century, issues such as acceptance, racism, equality and judgement remain apparent, yet this is the sad reality society is faced with. Throughout bygones of wars, revolutions and struggles to maintain human rights combined with our collective battles to sustain dignity, we have emerged at a point of recognition whereby we cannot fail to see the importance of treating one another equally. In order for a society to be functional, it calls on a climate whereby the practice of living together, demonstrating respect for others and appreciating and valuing our differences should be second nature. Today’s youth are after all tomorrow’s future. With this in mind, students were invited to consider just how functional schools are today for children with special educational needs and what more we could do to support one another in the learning environment.

Presented here is a selection of the art works produced by Aspire students.

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