Friday, 25 November 2016 07:05

Reception and Year 1 Field Trip

 On Thursday the 24th of November Reception and Year 1 went on a fun trip to visit some important places in Paphos. Our first stop was our local Fire Station where the children got off the bus and were led inside. They were shown what firemen wear for safety and a demonstration was given on how to use an oxygen mask and how the alarm goes off when they are running short of oxygen. The children learnt that the firemen not only help put out fires but also assist with car accidents. It was interesting to watch the demonstration of the cutters that are used in car accidents and the children could not believe how quickly they cut through metal poles. We were then taken on a tour around the Fire Station learning valuable information such as the emergency number 112 and how calls come in to the call station. The children liked it when they were asked to block their ears as different alarms were switched on and there was much excitement when the fire hose was sprayed using various settings.

By this time the children were hungry so we took them to the Geroskipou play park. They had a lovely picnic under the shade before playing in the park. Next we were off to the Paphos Airport. The teachers had to present their passports and were given special visitors tags to be allowed to take the children into restricted areas. They were given a full tour through the airport as if they were getting on a flight and were taken through customs, going through special security checks before entering the departure area. It was a quiet day at the airport so they were able to take the children outside to look at the planes. Finally they were taken back through airport to the meet and greet exit gate. Everyone had a lovely time and the children were very sleepy on the bus trip back to school.