Friday, 16 December 2016 08:01

Cyprus Youth Parliament

Congratulations to Christos Antoniades, year 10, for his election as a member of the Cyprus Youth Parliament. Christos as an MP representing Paphos will join the Cyprus parliament together with other MPs from around the island. Paphos has 4 representatives and we are very proud that one of them is coming from Aspire.  

Local elections took place on Sunday 11th December. Many candidates participated and joined discussions on a common ground where finally they voted for their representatives. Paphos MPs will participate in many local and national meetings some of them in the Cypriot parliament.

All actions for the Paphos MPs will be coordinated by a teacher. Aspire is represented again as our Head of Greek, Ms Maria Mita, has been selected to coordinate the Paphos region members.

This institution has received substantial recognition from both the State and the Cypriot society and hopefully very soon the children, as equal citizens, will play the role which they are entitled to in our country. The Youth Parliament can play an important role in our country's top problem which is to end the occupation and the reunification of Cyprus, in cooperation with the children of the other community. This role can be quickly started with the conversion of the composition of the Youth Parliament with children from both sides.

For more information regarding the Cyprus Youth Parliament you visit the following link: