Monday, 19 January 2015 06:34


Secondary School Licence Secondary School Licence

We are thrilled to announce that Aspire Private British School has been fully inspected by the Ministry of Education and as a result has been approved and licensed to operate.  All licences for all three departments have been obtained; Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School.

Whilst we were always expecting to take the licence quickly, we are all astounded at how fast this has been achieved!  The Ministry have worked alongside us to ensure that we are recognised as quickly as possible and the teachers and the management would like to thank the Ministry of Education for their efficient and professional approach in this procedure. 

The school went through stringent planning regulations and has been designed and built according to the official Cypriot building regulations provided by the Ministry of Education.  The process involved an inspection by the Fire and Health & Safety departments as well.  The cooperation and guidance of the Paphos Town Planning Department were instrumental in this procedure and we would like to recognise and thank them for their efforts in this. 

The Ministry’s High Committee convened at the end of November where the final decision approving Aspire Private British School actually happened. The final papers were signed in December and the licences are now proudly displayed in the school Reception. Aspire will now be listed within the approved private schools in the Ministry’s official website (

A number of benefits are now available to the school’s community. Parents are now assured that any certificates issued from our school are fully recognisable by the Cypriot authorities as well. The very important ‘Apolytirio Certificate’ (School Leaving Certificate) can be issued alongside their existing GCSE, IGCSE and GCE A level qualifications. Many universities in the UK and internationally consider this within their entry requirements.

Our school is now a full member of the local community and can take part in all events across the island like parading on 25th March. We can also now take part in a number of European educational programs like professional development programs for our personnel or school twinning programs.

To top this news, we are also very pleased to announce we have received full Centre Status as an Edexcel International Examination Centre meaning that all Edexcel examinations (GCSE, IGCSE and GCE A levels) can take place at Aspire. 

Aspire – we are the change you have been waiting for…the future is bright.

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