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We were delighted to host a number of UK Universities on Thursday 16th November 2017.  In collaboration with Savvides Institute and Consultation a number of universities visited the school which allowed students from our higher examination year groups to meet them and discuss future options for higher education. They were able to answer many of the following questions as well as to provide a starting point for our children thinking about their future and career.

  • Appropriate subject choices at A level to assist successful entry to universities of their choice for specific careers
  • Entry requirements for universities
  • University application processes (which is also covered in depth during Y12 and Y13 in school)
  • Course structures and options available
  • Accommodation
  • Fees and finances
  • Assistance in application and entry to UK including VISA advice

The following universities attended the 2017 Aspire University Fair

  • Leicester University
  • University of Essex
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Staffordshire University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Birmingham City University
  • Portsmouth University
  • University of Surrey

We would like to thank Mr Savvides and all University delegates for their professionalism. Our Principal, Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi said:

“It was a great pleasure to host you and all the delegates. They were extremely warm, friendly and informative towards our students and parents and we have received excellent feedback from all involved. Please pass our gratitude on to all the delegates and thank them for their time and professionalism. We very much look forward to hosting the event again next year.”

Friday, 13 October 2017 09:05

Student Council Elections

Aspire’s Students voted for a Student Council this morning, Friday October 13th. In the secondary assembly last week, the students were introduced to the concept of a Student Council and what its role will be within the school.

The following positions were elected by the whole secondary school:

  • Student President
  • Student Vice-President (runner-up in the election for President)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretaries (Administration and Communications)

Only students from the top 3 years could run for Student President and Vice-President and the Student Council will meet fortnightly on a Monday at 2pm for an hour. The first meeting will be this coming Monday 16th October.

Together with the above positions the student council body will hold a representative from each class. Class representative candidates gave a speech to their class before the class vote. Students from all year groups assembled in the Hall where the candidates for President, Treasurer and Secretary gave their speeches as well. All students then voted for their preferred candidate.

Dr Maria Alexandrou and Ms Anthi Sielouvari coordinated the elections and voting process which mirrored a political election with ballot slips and box. The results were later announced to the students. We would like to congratulate all students who took part in the process and especially the ones elected for this year’s Student Council




Valeriy Willetts


Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi


Elvis Wu


Nicoletta Folland


Alex Uranskiy

Year 7 class representative

Tigran Arutyunyan

Year 8 class representative

Athena Fessas

Year 9 class representative

Louis-Alexandre Lobanov

Year 10 class representative

George Agashkov

Year 11 class representative

Ewan Charalambides

Year 12 class representative

Karina Danielyan

Year 13 class representative

Amir Kianmehr

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 11:07

Primary Christmas Plays

What a wonderful night! Into the Christmas spirit from the best actors ever! Aspire’s reception and primary children offered an unforgettable evening presenting the “Sleepy Shepherd” as well as “Peter Pan” productions.

The children were ecstatic and had a wonderful night. They unwrapped their secret talents and altogether as a team performed to their very best. The audience was thrilled to watch the whole evening’s entertainment and the atmosphere was magical.  

The show started with the whole primary school singing a Greek version of “Little Drummer Boy”. The play “The Sleepy Shepherd” was then performed by Key Stage 1 and the Secondary Choir sang “Last Christmas” before the interval. All guests had the chance for a small break with refreshments before the Key Stage 2’s phenomenal performance of “Peter Pan”. The scenery, costumes, actors as well as the whole atmosphere was fabulous and we all enjoyed the show!

Many congratulations to everyone involved for the overall production of the Christmas plays but especially to Mr & Mrs Strath for the coordination of Peter Pan, Mrs Cindy Charalambides for coordinating the Sleepy Shepherd production and Ms Michaela Papalla for the musical arrangement!

A huge thank you to all parents and students for their performance and contribution! All of us from Aspire wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, 18 December 2016 15:00

Secondary School Christmas Party

Aspire School in collaboration with the school’s PTA and the Student Council organised this year’s Christmas party. Our students enjoyed a magical night with lots of music and dancing at the luxurious Annabelle Hotel. The party took place on Thursday 15th December from 7pm to 11pm. All students arrived smartly dressed - they all looked fabulous!

Members of the PTA organised the event brilliantly and decorated the room for the children. The night was fabulous and our children were ecstatic; having a lot of fun! They tasted delicious food prepared for them and danced to the rhythms of the DJ. The dance floor was full of students throughout the night.

A group of teachers as well as members of the PTA accompanied the students throughout the night ensuring everything ran smoothly. We would like to thank every single person who helped for this wonderful night. Our children deserved it and they all enjoyed a wonderful party.

Friday, 16 December 2016 08:01

Cyprus Youth Parliament

Congratulations to Christos Antoniades, year 10, for his election as a member of the Cyprus Youth Parliament. Christos as an MP representing Paphos will join the Cyprus parliament together with other MPs from around the island. Paphos has 4 representatives and we are very proud that one of them is coming from Aspire.  

Local elections took place on Sunday 11th December. Many candidates participated and joined discussions on a common ground where finally they voted for their representatives. Paphos MPs will participate in many local and national meetings some of them in the Cypriot parliament.

All actions for the Paphos MPs will be coordinated by a teacher. Aspire is represented again as our Head of Greek, Ms Maria Mita, has been selected to coordinate the Paphos region members.

This institution has received substantial recognition from both the State and the Cypriot society and hopefully very soon the children, as equal citizens, will play the role which they are entitled to in our country. The Youth Parliament can play an important role in our country's top problem which is to end the occupation and the reunification of Cyprus, in cooperation with the children of the other community. This role can be quickly started with the conversion of the composition of the Youth Parliament with children from both sides.

For more information regarding the Cyprus Youth Parliament you visit the following link:

Friday, 25 November 2016 07:05

Reception and Year 1 Field Trip

 On Thursday the 24th of November Reception and Year 1 went on a fun trip to visit some important places in Paphos. Our first stop was our local Fire Station where the children got off the bus and were led inside. They were shown what firemen wear for safety and a demonstration was given on how to use an oxygen mask and how the alarm goes off when they are running short of oxygen. The children learnt that the firemen not only help put out fires but also assist with car accidents. It was interesting to watch the demonstration of the cutters that are used in car accidents and the children could not believe how quickly they cut through metal poles. We were then taken on a tour around the Fire Station learning valuable information such as the emergency number 112 and how calls come in to the call station. The children liked it when they were asked to block their ears as different alarms were switched on and there was much excitement when the fire hose was sprayed using various settings.

By this time the children were hungry so we took them to the Geroskipou play park. They had a lovely picnic under the shade before playing in the park. Next we were off to the Paphos Airport. The teachers had to present their passports and were given special visitors tags to be allowed to take the children into restricted areas. They were given a full tour through the airport as if they were getting on a flight and were taken through customs, going through special security checks before entering the departure area. It was a quiet day at the airport so they were able to take the children outside to look at the planes. Finally they were taken back through airport to the meet and greet exit gate. Everyone had a lovely time and the children were very sleepy on the bus trip back to school. 

Friday, 11 November 2016 11:29

Pan-Cyprian Art Competition

Aspire Private British school are pleased to announce students participation in the pan-Cyprian art competition (organised by POSYGOPEA) which is open to students aged 12- 18 from across schools in Cyprus. The competition marks a special occasion- for the first time ever (in Cyprus) activities and workshops will be held in celebration of the national day for people with special educational needs (Saturday 3rd December 2016.) An exhibition of the art works will be presented on this day at Faneromeni’s square in Nicosia between 11am and 4pm (where the winners will be announced.) The general public and students are welcome to attend.

In support of children with special educational needs, the title of the art competition is ‘put yourself in my shoes.’ Students have been encouraged to create art works which explore the concept of ‘’the school I dream, one school for everybody.’’

POSYGOPEA are a parents and teachers association who work collectively to uphold the educational development of children with special educational needs, ensuring experiences which help nurture the body, mind and soul of each individual throughout their journey. POSYGOPEA’s message is as poignant as ever:

It is hard to believe that in the Twenty- first Century, issues such as acceptance, racism, equality and judgement remain apparent, yet this is the sad reality society is faced with. Throughout bygones of wars, revolutions and struggles to maintain human rights combined with our collective battles to sustain dignity, we have emerged at a point of recognition whereby we cannot fail to see the importance of treating one another equally. In order for a society to be functional, it calls on a climate whereby the practice of living together, demonstrating respect for others and appreciating and valuing our differences should be second nature. Today’s youth are after all tomorrow’s future. With this in mind, students were invited to consider just how functional schools are today for children with special educational needs and what more we could do to support one another in the learning environment.

Presented here is a selection of the art works produced by Aspire students.

For further information please contact or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Tel. 99039200. 

Aspire’s secondary students visited two important places related to the Cypriot culture, history and tradition. The first one was the Choirokoitia archaeological site dating from the Neolithic age where students had the chance to observe a prehistoric settlement. The second place that we visited was the Lefkara village. The healthy climate of Lefkara, the hospitality of its people, the tradition of the embroidery craft and the unspoilt Cypriot naturalness and simplicity, are some of the many reasons why many people from around the island come to visit, and it is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Cyprus.

Choirokoitia Heritage Site

Choirokoitia is an archaeological site on the island of Cyprus dating from the Neolithic age. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1998. The site is known as one of the most important and best preserved prehistoric sites of the eastern Mediterranean. Much of its importance lies in the evidence of an organised functional society in the form of a collective settlement, with surrounding fortifications for communal protection.

A narrow and long stone construction of 185 meters runs across the settlement. It was discovered by Porphyros Dikaios and was considered as “the main road of the settlement”. In other words, the settlement “was set along a long road”. Several researchers hold that this particular construction comprises the wall of the settlement.

The houses are cyclical with an external diameter of between 2.30 and 9.20 meters and internal diameter of between 1.40 and 4.80 meters. 

The houses were built with stone at their basis, while the upper part was built with adobe and mud. The roofs were created with branches and straws covered in mud. There was “a fireplace, a kind of grate and a foramen that helped the smoke come out” at the centre of the house.

The dead were entombed in dug pits in the house. The pit was filled with earth and covered with mud, thus restoring the floor of the house. The graves were individual and the dead were placed with their bodies recumbent usually towards the rights side. Several objects were placed in the grave according to the sex of the dead person. Another entombment custom was the placement of a stone, refined or unrefined, on the body. They considered that in this way, they prevented the return of the dead to the world of the living.

Lefkara Traditional Village

Lefkara is where the Cypriot folk needlecraft art is born - the famous “lefkaritiko” - which the reputation of has gone beyond the frontiers of Cyprus and has become known in most of the European countries but not only there. Lefkara owes its welfare and prosperity as always spotted to this needlecraft art and to its trade launched in the late 19th century, flourishing during the 20th century first thirty years.

The village is situated at the foot of the Troodos Mountains in the south eastern region, 650m above sea level, 45 km from Nicosia, 30 km from the Larnaca airport and just 12 km from the Nicosia – Limassol highway.

The name of Lefkara village derives from the colour of the surrounding calcareous rocks: “White rocks = Lefkara”. 

It is said that Leonardo da Vinci, the big Renaissance artist visited Cyprus in the late 16th century as a guest of Catherine Cornaro - Queen of Cyprus. He then visited Lefkara and bought a big tablecloth embroidered on all sides, which was donated to the Milan Cathedral.

Thursday, 13 October 2016 11:28

Student Council Elections - 2016/2017

Aspire’s Students voted for a Student Council yesterday, Wednesday October 11th. In the secondary assembly, the students were introduced to the concept of a Student Council and what its role will be within the school. The following positions were elected by the whole secondary school: 

Student President

Student Vice-President (runner-up in the election for President)



Only students from the top 2 years could run for Student President and Vice-President. Together with the above positions the student council body will hold a representative from each class. Class representative candidates gave a speech to their class before the class vote. Students from all year groups assembled in the Hall where the candidates for President, Treasurer and Secretary gave their speeches as well. All students then voted for their preferred candidate.

Today the first student council meeting took place in the school identifying the actions for this academic year. We would like to congratulate all students who took part in the process and especially the ones elected for this year’s Student Council




Marley Dianellou


Asya Gaytukieva  


Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi


Elvis Wu

Y7 Class Rep

Delila Dickie 

Y8 Class Rep

Anastasia Dianellou

Y9 Class Rep

Lucy Todd

Y10 Class Rep

Ewan Charalambides

Y11 Class Rep

Pavel Vykhristiuk 

Y12 Class Rep

Joseph Hadjiyiakoumi

Y13 Class Rep

Elena Merkouriou

Wednesday, 11 May 2016 11:50




Private British School Aspire plan to offer an exciting summer school programme throughout the month of July. This will include a number of activities: 

  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports and fitness
  • Computing
  • Topic based learning to include experiments and hands-on learning
  • Drama and role-play
  • Weekly outing
  • Optional English as a Second Language tuition
  • And much more…

 Primary and secondary children are welcome at the summer school; Aspire students will have first priority for places. Summer School will run from 8.30am – 1pm each day and a weekly outing will be included in the price.

Your child can attend for one week, two weeks, three weeks or the whole month.

 For more information call 26 623 606 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to indicate your interest in the summer school.

 Places are limited and will be allocated on our first come, first served basis. 

Monday, 29 February 2016 08:16

Secondary Trip to the Cypriot Nature

Last Wednesday, February 24th, all of the secondary school had the chance to appreciate the natural elements of our beautiful island. We left our books and classrooms behind for the day and we visited places like Asprokremnos Dam, Smugglers’ Rock (Chasamboulia), Omodos village and Kaledonia Falls in Platres village. Our students were thrilled by the trip and they were amazed at the natural beauty of Cypriot winter!!!

All of the places are relatively close to Paphos and are highly recommended for a weekend excursion for your family!

We started our trip and after 25 minutes we reached Asprokremnos Dam. The construction of the dam started in 1978 and it was opened in 1982. It is the second largest dam in Cyprus with a maximum depth of 53metres. Due to poor rainfall, it is rare to overflow and it is considered an important wetland for epidemic and migratory birds.

We then visited Smugglers’ Rock; an amazing landscape that you must visit! It is a very famous place for rock climbing as many fans visit the place every weekend to practice their skills. Just below the rock there is a wonderful small river with plenty of space on the side for a picnic. Our students had the chance to have their morning snack with the sounds of the flowing water of the river and the singing of the nightingales. Our year 10 to 12 Art students used their sketchbooks and under the instructions of their Art teacher drew parts of the landscape. Our year 7 students under the instructions of their Geography teachers had the chance to take different measurements and explore the river and the surrounding area.

Next stop was Omodos village! What a place to visit! The village is very traditional with lovely coffee shops and traditional tavernas. The people were so friendly and our students enjoyed the interaction with the local community. The village produces a lot of wine and holds a wine festival every August. You can visit a 17th Century stone built monastery via a cobblestone path. We visited the Monastery and had the chance to eat some freshly baked bread! The smell reached into every corner of the place..!!

Our last and most amazing stop was Platres village – Kaledonia Falls! We followed the trail starting from Psilo Dentro trout farm.  The trail has a length of 3 km. The route might be difficult due to the sudden changes in gradient, but it is quite easy with decent shoes. On the route we had the chance to observe many species of the local flora with the sounds of the Kaledonia birds. This beautiful waterfall is one of the highest located in Cyprus and is surrounded by forest; it is most popular in summer, when it offers a cool and shady retreat from the powerful midday sun. We all managed to reach the waterfall successfully and we were thrilled by the beauty of the landscape!!!

What an unforgettable trip! We all returned back safe, on time and with lots of wonderful memories to share with our friends and families! 

Private British School Aspire was chosen as one of the best Edexcel Centres to support the development of the new International GCSEs.

Louise Richardson (Head of Product Portfolio and Customised Solutions) together with Chris Boor (Commissioning Editor) visited Aspire, directly from the UK, and had a number of meetings with different teachers and management personnel discussing integration of wider skills, teamwork, communication and assessment across the curriculum. Teachers had the chance to provide their feedback and insight on the new textbooks and digital resources while in the development phase.

Edexcel will be supporting schools in these aspects. Making sure plans are appropriate and helpful a number of research meetings were established with a number of key International schools.

Aspire would like to thank Louise and Chris for their visit and for selecting our school as part of their International research program! We would also like to assure our parents, students and friends that we work hard, taking part into new developments, for achieving outstanding results!  

Monday, 01 February 2016 06:50

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Another outstanding result for ASPIRE and Molly Todd! Last Wednesday, January the 27th, Molly received another High Achievement Award from Cambridge International in Design and Technology this time. We would like to congratulate Molly and her teachers for the great effort and determination towards this great achievement.

Cambridge uses strict criteria to calculate awards. These criteria ensure that the achievements recognised are consistent across the world in all subjects and at all qualification levels.

According to Martin Nuttall, Cambridge Regional Director - Europe, “Every time a learner performs well in their Cambridge examinations, they open up a world of opportunities. We are proud of every Cambridge learner represented in these awards for their commitment and hard work”

On the 8th November, The Royal British Legion Paphos Branch held their first Service of Remembrance at the Fort Area, Kato Paphos. With the spectacular back drop of the ancient fort and fabulous weather, the day could not have been better. But get better it did, and how!

500 chairs had been ordered, but the people kept coming. Conservative estimates put the number of people at the Service between 800 and 1000. What a fantastic response by the people of Paphos, for such a moving ceremony. When the donations were counted, the very kind and generous people of Paphos had given more than €1,500.00. Before Sunday the 8th, any person wishing to attend a Service of Remembrance would have had to travel to the Military Base, but now the Branch has their own Service of Remembrance in Paphos.

The service had the benefit of 2 local schools for support. The ASPIRE school and another local school, who lent their choirs. Before and after the Service, the gathering crowd were entertained by a superb selection of (Bag) pipe music, Played expertly by Mr John McDonald. The P.A. system was supplied by The Meerkats, Trevor and Rachel. The Service was conducted by the Paphos Branch Padre, Mr Allan Hodgson. The co-ordination of the event was managed by Helen Caplin, the Paphos Branch events Manager. The Chairman of the Royal British Legion, Paphos Branch, Mr Mark Welstead, said he was humbled and proud that the people of Paphos came in such numbers, to support the Royal British

Legion, to remember those who had made the ultimate sacrifice, to those who are injured and disabled, to the service families that still need support, and for the Service men and women who, every-day, put themselves at risk to protect our freedom.

The poppy boxes, which are only displayed for 4 weeks, have now been collected and monies counted. Again, the wonderful people of Paphos have excelled themselves. The donations given by the clients of the businesses that displayed the poppy boxes, was in excess of €8,000.00, and there are still have several more boxes to collect. The response to the poppy appeal has been overwhelming.

Thanks go to the President of the Paphos Branch of the Royal British Legion, Mr David Rees, who’s idea this was, and to the hard working members of the Committee, who supported and helped this idea to become reality.

Web site:

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:45


Private British School Aspire celebrated its official school opening on the afternoon of Friday 23rd October.

Local MPs, dignitaries, parents, students and friends of the school were delighted to witness the Mayor of Paphos, Mr Fedonas Fedonos and the Arsinoe Bishop Nektarios of Polis cut the ribbon and unveil the commemorative plaque marking the salubrious occasion. 

The audience was treated to an outstanding celebratory show by the school’s student population as well as a mouth-watering cocktail party. Educational exhibitions were presented by the students on topics such as The Egyptians, The Great War, Volcanoes, The Student Trip to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, The Van Der Graaf Generator and much more.  All visitors were also invited to become part of the school’s history by signing the Aspire Time Capsule.

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 12:57

Safety First – New Basketball Court Surface!

Aspire Private British School has just installed new sports flooring onto the basketball court! Listening to our students’ and parents’ needs and always having in mind our students’ safety first in line the new floor was installed during the half term break.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber colour granules have acquired a world-wide reputation for quality, performance, reliability and durability. These sports flooring systems are safe, resilient, elastic, wear and tear-resistant, and comfortable. Furthermore the EPDM system is weather-proof even at very high and very low temperatures which guarantees the elasticity and safety to the finish line. 

The surface can be used for playing multisport, like football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball badminton and practically any sport you can think of. 





Tuesday, 03 November 2015 11:11

Outstanding Pearson Learner Award

We are delighted to announce that three (3) of our students won an Outstanding Pearson Learner Award. Outstanding learners with other Edexcel qualifications will be honoured in a ceremony at the St Raphael Hotel. The Award winners are:

  • Argyro Philippou – Highest International Mark in GCSE Greek
  • Molly Rose Todd – Highest Mark in Cyprus in GCSE English Language
  • Sarah Catharina Koring – Highest Mark in Cyprus in IGCSE German

We would like to congratulate their Teachers: Mrs Maria Mita (Greek), Mrs Sharon Hadjiyiakoumi (English) and Mrs Christiane Liedtke (German) for their hard work, support and dedication towards such fantastic results! 

Monday, 02 November 2015 14:26

Aspire ‘Paphos’ School Mural

Aspire Private British School are pro- active in their support of the ‘European Capital of Culture 2017’ through their production of creative Arts projects. The school will initiate and realise these projects over the coming two years and beyond, which will showcase the expertise the school has to offer and the outstanding talent of the students across the Arts. The first project of which is the school mural inspired by Paphos, this can be viewed to the rear of the school building. Students from years 7-9 collaborated with students from the ‘Express Yourself Art Club’ in years 5-6 and senior students from the ‘Special Art and Design Clubs’ working under the direction of the Art and Design teacher Miss Cooke, to create a mural which explored notions of Paphos- ‘Ancient and Modern.’ Students were encouraged to consider their personal experience of Paphos and to research the history and culture of the region in the construction of their individual designs. Many common themes arose as a result of this investigation which included:

Ancient/ Modern-

Transport by donkey- Paphos airport, transport by plane

Orthodox Churches as a landmark- Kings Avenue Mall and shopping Centres

Olive Trees- Banana plants

Roman baths- Paphos Water Park

Mouflon- Exotic animals from Paphos Zoo

Amphitheatre- Cinema

Greek architecture- Tourist bars and night clubs

Donkey trails and dust tracks- Dual- carriageway and roads

Traditional stone houses- Hotels and Villas

Village life-Tourist villages

Greek dancing- Clubbers

Meze and traditional Cypriot food- Burgers and international cuisine

The intention was for Miss Cooke to select one of the designs to scale up for creation of the final mural. The designs were of a high standard and all offered a unique take on Paphos and so Miss Cooke decided to design an image which incorporated imagery and concepts consistent with all of the students’ designs. The students then drew the design to scale and taking inspiration from the artist Henri Rousseau they further developed the design with the addition of an exotic garden featuring butterflies, plants, birds and cats native to the island of Cyprus. Miss Cooke added:

“I’d like to congratulate all of the students in their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, which has paid dividends in the creation of an art work which not only represents the level of talent in the school but examples what can emerge when we dare to imagine.”

The project Flowers for Freedom is part of the programme of activities and events to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta in 1215 by King John of England. This document has come to stand as an iconic symbol of rights and justice and freedom.

In recognition of its importance, Magna Carta was inscribed on the UNESCO ‘Memory of the World’ register in 2009. Salisbury Cathedral is privileged to own the best preserved of four surviving original copies of Magna Carta. Other Copies are held by the British Library and Lincoln Cathedral.  

Flowers for Freedom is about engaging primary or secondary schools from right across the Commonwealth and asking the children and young people or their teachers to nominate the flower which to them represents who they are and their values and their thoughts on freedom and justice. The aim of this project is to raise the profile of the Commonwealth and to encourage everyone to talk about and reflect on our shared values and how Magna Carta’s ideal can unite us all.

Aspire British School took part on the project representing Cyprus choosing Cyclamen to express our values and thoughts on freedom and justice. Cyprus cyclamen looks delicate and fragile like and orchid or a lily but it is a perennial.

This flower represents the history of Cyprus:

Cyprus has been invaded and occupied by many different countries because of its beauty, natural wildlife and fauna and resources such as cooper but it always stands firm and the people always fight for independence and to keep their traditions and Cypriot way of lifestyle. This also mirrors the ideas of the Magna Carta when the people stood up for their rights. 

Our project was sent in the UK to represent Cyprus together with other projects from many different countries all over the world. 

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 11:00

Student Council Elections

Student Council Elections

Aspire’s Students voted for a Student Council yesterday, Monday October 5th. In the secondary assembly last week, the students were introduced to the concept of a Student Council and what its role will be within the school. 

The following positions were elected by the whole secondary school: 

Student President
Student Vice-President (runner-up in the election for President)

Only students from the top 2 years could run for Student President and Vice-President.

Together with the above positions the student council body will hold a representative from each class. Class representative candidates gave a speech to their class before the class vote. Students from all year groups assembled in the Hall where the candidates for President, Treasurer and Secretary gave their speeches as well. All students then voted for their preferred candidate.

Year 9 coordinated the elections and voting process as part of their citizenship study. They counted the votes and the results were announced to the students. We would like to congratulate all students who took part in the process and especially the ones elected for this year’s Student Council




Solomiya Matsala


Joseph Hadjiyiakoumi


Louis-Alexandre Lobanov


Eleni Hadjiyiakoumi

Year 7 class representative

Nikoletta Charalambous

Year 8 class representative

Caitlin Clark

Year 9 class representative

Liza Kyrylova

Year 10 class representative

Sarah Koring

Year 11 class representative

Michael Charalambous

Year 12 class representative

Jonathan Clark

Monday, 20 July 2015 16:57

Year 5’s Year

By Mr William Strath / Year 5 Teacher

This academic year in addition to our work on literacy and mathematics we had an enjoyable time studying these topics in Geography, History, Art and Science. We looked at aspects of World War 2 from the viewpoint of children being evacuated and the deprivations of living in war time.  We made models of gas masks and looked at how to make large scale drawings from smaller images. 

We next became warriors and studied how the Vikings lived, worked, ate and dressed.  We made models of longships, Viking Helmets (without Horns!), shields and Standing Stones. Our final topic saw us going further back in time to prehistoric times and learned why the bronze age was so important and made models of prehistoric tools and beakers and looked at Stonehenge. In Geography we looked at our locality and what we could see around us. We did surveys, landscape pictures and researched how traffic affects us and what could be improved.  We then examined the why water is so important to us and how water arrives at our homes and the broader use made of water (or its lack) around the world. 

We finally looked how people lived in other countries, looking at life through the eyes of children in El Salvador and India. In Science we looked at living things and variation amongst us; we discovered the stages by which plants reproduce and looked at our Earth and is place in the solar system. We had sports and games activities; went on field trips to a monastery and a castle and  played in a cricket competition. Finally we completed our year with an exciting overnight camp and activities at Polis.

ting overnight camp and activities at Polis.

By Mrs Karen Cresswell - Reception Teacher

During our topic work on people who help us the children were extremely excited to be visited by our local Policeman Panayiotis who came in to school to talk to the children about road safety and safety equipment. He showed a video on how to cross the road safely and how to wear the correct safety clothing when riding a bike. He gave the children reflective strips to wear so they can be seen when it is dark outside which the children loved. He was then very pleased when after his presentation the children were able to answer questions about what they had learnt. The children found the whole experience very interesting and made a card for the policeman to say thank you.

We then linked our class trip with our topic work. The children enjoyed a trip to our local fire station in Paphos where they had great fun learning about fire safety and the role of the fire fighter. The firemen showed us the equipment, the fire engines and we had a tour of whole fire station. The children looked at different fire engines and the firemen taught us what is necessary to be a true fireman. Everyone’s favourite part was getting a chance to spray the water hose. The children truly loved it. On returning to school the children made box model fire engines, fire safety posters and talked about what they had seen and learnt at the fire station.

What an amazing experience!

Thursday, 16 July 2015 08:07


By Mr Yiannis Sarris - Head of Science / Science Teacher

Aspire is keen in making new collaborations and contributing to the community and the environment. It was for this reason that our school undertook a difficult task, along with Silverline School from Limassol. Both schools introduced to students a fun day about recycling and green living in general. The joined effort was to inform about and involve the students with recycling.

Silverline students and science teacher arrived to Aspire early in the morning. The day started with a very interesting and extremely informational presentation. All year groups went for the presentation in a rota. The presentation was a good training targeting the young community. Topics included green living and making them aware of the dangers of overuse of landfills. As a follow-up students were introduced to reasons for recycling and the need for being part of a green generation. Some methods for recycling introduce were can-crushing, plastic bottles and other containers, glass and waste paper.

The exciting part then came, that all students were anticipating. In the sphere of recycling can-crushing can be something very useful and fun as well. Our students had been collecting cans two weeks in advance. The procedure was quite simple. Use empty, clean soda cans that a student places over a Bunsen burner to heat up. Air and humidity expand and start leaving the can. Once it was hot, it was submerse, top down in a bowl of cool water. The can imploded immediately without any effort. 

Lab was provided and prepared by our science department. The practical demonstration was prepared and coordinated by the Silverline students and Science teacher. An audio-visual presentation followed which was prepared by the Aspire Science department.

Students not only learned how to crash cans in a fun way but also made a good use of their school knowledge for safety. All the students had to wear safety goggles and lab coats. Moreover they had to use tongs to hold the hot cans and keep a safe distance from Bunsen burners.

More importantly students experienced a healthy collaboration in the lab during the practical and for cleaning up afterwards. Inevitably students socialized, had a chance to compare with each other school cultures, meet new people and understand diversity and have higher acceptance to different.

As a whole the Aspire-Silverline recycling informational day was a success. Students got informed about recycling and were trained on the different methods for doing that. The most exciting part was the can-crashing practical where all the students had the chance to implode a soda can. This not only made the day extremely fun but furthermore, it made them socialize with other students and have a hands-on experience with recycling.

Wednesday, 08 July 2015 08:12


By Ms Maria Mita - Head of Greek / Greek Teacher

During this year the Greek Department was involved with many amazing things!  First of all the secondary students had the opportunity to travel to Athens on January. The city with the most glorious history in the world, a city worshipped by gods and people, a magical city! The capital of Greece has always been a birthplace for civilization. It is the city where democracy was born and most of the wise men of ancient times. New Acropolis museum, Sounio, Parthenon, Panathinaiko Stadio, Lykavitos, Nafplio and Corinthos were only some of the places we visited!  Students had the chance to practice their language skills in Greek, to walk around the famous historic triangle (Plaka, Thission, Psyri) the old neighbourhoods, to taste the amazing Greek food, to have fan in  Allou Fan Park and many more!

During May, a group of native Greek students visited the Archaeological Museum of Paphos to practice the language and learn about local history. The archaeological Museum of Paphos houses an attractive collection of Cypriot antiquities from the Paphos area, dating from the Neolithic Age to 1700 AD. After the visit, the children were guided around Paphos' municipal area, pointing out buildings of interest (and all in Greek, of course). Then, before returning to ASPIRE, the children were treated to a quick stop-off at the market. There, children saw traditional products such as Lefkara lace.

Furthermore, during this year, our students through different trips and visits (Baths of Aphrodite, Polis Archaeological Museum, Limassol medieval castle, Church of Ayios Lazaros in Larnaca), events (Christmas Celebrations, Tsiknopempti, Carnival, Parade of 25th of March, Easter celebrations), activities (Greek traditional games and Greek dancing - after school clubs) had the opportunity to be familiar with the Greek history and culture, Greek traditions, and of course to practice their Greek.
Tuesday, 07 July 2015 09:47

Interactive Mathematics

By Ms Christiana Erotokritou - Mathematics Teacher 

During the past academic year, secondary children had the opportunity to experience different ways of teaching, working in groups as well as individually, using different materials, including worksheets, the whiteboard, mathematical applications and use of technology. This year, all year groups had the chance to work with two maths teachers in the class.

In one of those lessons, the Year 7 class had the chance to work with technology as well as physically construct and display different 3D shapes and nets of 3D shapes. The children worked in groups first to take apart 3D shapes to see their flat nets and learn to identify the shapes as well as any special characteristics they may have. They then made their own nets and construct the 3D shapes using those nets. This was a fun activity for the kids, as they really enjoyed working in groups and visualised their knowledge, the lesson gave them the chance to learn whilst having fun, without using the board and their books like most lessons. Then they saw a presentation using a mathematical applet which connected the traditional lesson with the more practical one.

Every student, regardless of their ability, had the chance to engage in the process and this boost their confidence.

We are looking forward to the next year, for more fun activities, to prove that maths can also be fun!

Monday, 06 July 2015 11:35

Primary School Graduates

By Miss Laura Benson - Head of Primary/Year 6 teacher

First I would like to say a big THANK YOU to year 6 for a fantastic year, you have all been a joy to teach and I am sure you will all do well in secondary.

It has been a busy year, in History, we moved from World War 2 with amazing Anderson shelters built at home, to the Stone Age and then to Britain since 1948. It was good listening to the music from the 60’s and 70’s as well as watching the fashions change and the growth in technology.

In Geography we have studied Coasts, Mountains and rivers. The children produced some brilliant posters and worked co-operatively to make mountain holiday brochures. Science has seen us try different experiments from growing mould to making propellers.

Year 6 this year have been a lively, chatty group but also worked when they needed to. Highlights of the year have been our many trips, Jay cutting his hair, assemblies (which they helped me with), sports tournaments and camping.

It was wonderful to take the children to Polis camping. We all had a great time and enjoyed swimming, sand sculptures, cricket, savaging around Polis, walking to Latchi (I had blisters to prove it), Mr and Mrs H’s bbq and stand up bingo. The children were impeccably behaved and it was a pleasure to spend time with them in a less formal situation.

Have a wonderful summer year 6, see you in September!

Monday, 06 July 2015 08:14

Commonwealth Writing Competition

By Dr Andrew Sneddon - Head of English/English teacher

This year Aspire students participated in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition for the first time. This is a major international writing competition open to students resident in a Commonwealth country. In 2014 10,000 young writers from 44 nations took part and competed for bronze, silver and gold awards plus the top overall prize in two age group categories.

The theme for the competition this year was ‘A Young Commonwealth’ and our budding novelists, poets and journalists were asked to write a reflective or creative piece on one of the following topics:

Junior Category (Born after 1st May 2001)

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being young?
  2. Imagine what the world will be like when you are an old person.
  3. I am the future!
  4. Imagine you are a young person living in a different part of the Commonwealth. What is life like for you?

Senior Category (Born between 2 May 1996 and 1 May 2001)

  1. What do you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
  2. In 2030 you will no longer be young. What changes would you like to see in the world in 15 years’ time?
  3. Youth versus experience.
  4. Fresh perspectives. What can a young Commonwealth offer?

Receiving an award in this competition is prestigious and is potentially very useful for our students’ CVs and university applications. Previously, only one other school in Cyprus has had an award winner and we have our fingers cross that some of the very strong entries we submitted will be recognised. The results will be announced in September with the lucky overall competition winners receiving an expenses paid trip to London for a week of cultural and educational activities culminating in a lavish award ceremony.

ASPIRE’s students contributed during the year collecting plastic tops for a good cause. The plan was to support KIVOTOS Foundation collecting 50,000 plastic tops which would enable the centre to obtain a free, specially designed, wheelchair for children with special needs. Together with many other schools across the region we managed to reach KIVOTOS’s target supporting the foundation with not just wheelchairs but many other disability aids which help in the daily life of the children together with their families as well.

KIVOTOS Foundation is a special therapy and rehabilitation centre for children with special needs in Paphos. The team of qualified experts at KIVOTOS centre consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists, Special educators and Consultant Psychologists. The experts apply individual-tailored therapy programmes after a careful assessment of therapy aims for every single child. At the end of each session parents are informed on progress and an individualised home programme is issued.

The idea for collecting plastic tops started slowly on 11th November 2014 in order to collect 50,000 tops but in the end grew in size through the love and the care of the Cypriot people.

Mrs Olga Sofokleous, Founder and Board Members Chairman of KIVOTOS foundation, awarded ASPIRE with an honorary diploma for our students’ voluntary contribution. 

As part of the Citizenship work this term, ASPIRE’s students have been learning about local charities and the valuable work they do. Year 8 students have chosen to try to help the Cancer Patients’ Support Group – CPSG (Paphos) by raising funds for them and also trying to raise awareness in the wider community. You can visit their website at to learn more. 

Friends and family members sponsored ASPIRE’s students as they promised to give up electronic games, computers, mobile phones and all other gadgets for one whole day! The plan was to hold this event on Wednesday 13th May starting at 12.00 noon and run for one day until 12:00 on Thursday 14th May. 

The astonishing amount of €1,000 was collected from our school community proving that students can discard technology and their beloved gadgets for a good cause!!! Just for a day though…! We would like to congratulate Dr Andrew Sneddon for coordinating the fundraising and the year eight team for their great effort!!!

 On Thursday 4th June ASPIRE’s principal, Mrs S. Hadjiyiakoumi, was delighted to deliver a €1,000 cheque to CPSG chairman, Maxine O’Daly.

 According to CPSG all money raised will go towards one of the special Patient Controlled Analgesic Machines which cost €2,500 each. The machine allows patients to control their own pain whilst staying in their home. The machine will be carefully monitored by PASYKAF Homecare nurses to meet infusion guidelines safely.

 Maxine O’Daly Chairman of the CPSG recently spent a morning with Year 8 who had reached local charities to identify their final choice. She found members of the class and its teacher passionate about what they were doing and thanks to technology they were well informed about the charity but ready to learn more about the history behind PASYKAF, Homecare Nursing, The Volunteer Sector of CPSG, Fundraising and Awareness and Prevention through Early Detection. 

 What Next?

 The team plans to suggest the idea to other schools participating in a common day ‘giving up’ technology in the following academic year. The fundraising is expected to be much higher together with the target of wider public awareness. 

 As Maxine O’Daly said: “There is no doubt that the young people of this school are the inspiring spirit of tomorrow”!

We are delighted to announce that Private British School ASPIRE has been selected, together with 2 other public schools from Nicosia, to represent Cyprus for the EUROSCOLA 2015. EUROSCOLA brings together about 600 students from all over the European Union for a day in Strasbourg discussing aspects of European integration, in multilingual working groups of 100 students.

A group of about 600 students and comprising groups from each of the EU countries is invited to spend a day in Strasbourg discussing the effects that European integration will have on their future.  They do this in multilingual working groups, each of which comprises about 100 members.  The working group chooses a spokesperson to present the conclusions of its discussions to the participants assembled in a 'plenary sitting' in the Chamber of the European Parliament at the end of the afternoon.  The participants then vote on these conclusions.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit places of interest in and around Strasbourg.

A group of 24 students across all three schools will have the honour to represent Cyprus and raise important issues for consideration within the European Parliament. The cost of the trip and accommodation are fully covered by the European Union. The students’ group will be accompanied by three teachers; one from each school. We are the only private school across the island chosen to participate for the October 2015 programme.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Maria Mita for her hard work preparing an excellent application to the European Committee in Cyprus. Her excellent application has been acknowledged and Mrs Maria Mita has been positioned as our school’s coordinator escorting the students to Strasbourg!

The eight students representing our school will be selected following application forms, taking an examination on topics related to the European Union and participating in an oral workshop. The selection process will be conducted on Monday, June 22nd and the trip will take place from October 8th until October 12th 2015. Applicants must come from Year 11 and Year 12 of next academic year as the European Union only accepts students over a certain age.

For more information about EUROSCOLA you may visit: or 

We feel so proud about such an achievement and the amazing experiences our students will gain! We continue the hard work and determination providing the best possible opportunities to our school community!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015 10:17

Year 8 Meet Local Charity Chairperson

On Thursday 14th May Mrs. Maxine O’Daly visited the Year 8 Citizenship class to talk about their work. Mrs O’Daly is the chairperson of Cancer Patients’ Support Group (Paphos) which is a local charity established to provide support and services to cancer patients and their families. CPSG Paphos is affiliated with PASYKAF which is an island-wide association of cancer support groups providing much-needed assistance in every district.

The meeting was an enjoyable and productive experience for the children and Mrs. O’Daly. First Ewan, Nikita and Jenya made a presentation explaining what they had learned about cancer, then Argyro, Liza and Yana explained how the children had researched and chosen CPSG Paphos as the local charity they would like to support with their own fundraising efforts. Lastly, Charlotte and Eleni presented an information poster they had made with Misha outlining the fundraising ideas the group had.

In reply Mrs. O’Daly thanked the students for their efforts and said she was very encouraged by their enthusiasm. She was particularly interested in the technology fast which began at 12.00 noon the day before. Mrs O’Daly gave the children a brief talk on what motivated her to become involved in the charity and offered suggestions of other fun, simple ideas that fundraisers for CPSG Paphos had used in the past. She also left flyers and information leaflets for the charity’s busy calendar of events over the coming months. These are available in the school reception for those interested.

Mrs. O’Daly also explained the work of CPSG Paphos in greater detail. In particular, the children were very moved to learn that the group conducts as many as 1500 care visits to cancer patients and their families every year. They receive no government support but through fundraising efforts are able to provide in-home care, nursing services, help with prescription costs and respite care. Mrs. O’Daly also explained that CPSG Paphos was recently able to buy mechanical ‘drivers’ for the automatic delivery of pain relief so patients can continue to be cared for at home rather than in hospital. All of this work is impossible without fundraisers and volunteers.

Both Mrs. O’Daly and the children enjoyed this ‘first contact’ and further discussions will be held in the near future to see how we can continue to work with the charity in the longer term. Mrs. O’Daly wished to pass on her gratitude to all those who took part in, or supported, the technology fast. She took a few moments to visit some primary children who had become involved and thanked them for their efforts personally.

If you are interested in the work of CPSG Paphos please visit their website:


Friday, 15 May 2015 10:17

Year 8 Meet Local Charity Chairperson

On Thursday 14th May Mrs. Maxine O’Daly visited the Year 8 Citizenship class to talk about their work. Mrs O’Daly is the chairperson of Cancer Patients’ Support Group (Paphos) which is a local charity established to provide support and services to cancer patients and their families. CPSG Paphos is affiliated with PASYKAF which is an island-wide association of cancer support groups providing much-needed assistance in every district.

The meeting was an enjoyable and productive experience for the children and Mrs. O’Daly. First Ewan, Nikita and Jenya made a presentation explaining what they had learned about cancer, then Argyro, Liza and Yana explained how the children had researched and chosen CPSG Paphos as the local charity they would like to support with their own fundraising efforts. Lastly, Charlotte and Eleni presented an information poster they had made with Misha outlining the fundraising ideas the group had.

In reply Mrs. O’Daly thanked the students for their efforts and said she was very encouraged by their enthusiasm. She was particularly interested in the technology fast which began at 12.00 noon the day before. Mrs O’Daly gave the children a brief talk on what motivated her to become involved in the charity and offered suggestions of other fun, simple ideas that fundraisers for CPSG Paphos had used in the past. She also left flyers and information leaflets for the charity’s busy calendar of events over the coming months. These are available in the school reception for those interested.

Mrs. O’Daly also explained the work of CPSG Paphos in greater detail. In particular, the children were very moved to learn that the group conducts as many as 1500 care visits to cancer patients and their families every year. They receive no government support but through fundraising efforts are able to provide in-home care, nursing services, help with prescription costs and respite care. Mrs. O’Daly also explained that CPSG Paphos was recently able to buy mechanical ‘drivers’ for the automatic delivery of pain relief so patients can continue to be cared for at home rather than in hospital. All of this work is impossible without fundraisers and volunteers.

Both Mrs. O’Daly and the children enjoyed this ‘first contact’ and further discussions will be held in the near future to see how we can continue to work with the charity in the longer term. Mrs. O’Daly wished to pass on her gratitude to all those who took part in, or supported, the technology fast. She took a few moments to visit some primary children who had become involved and thanked them for their efforts personally.

If you are interested in the work of CPSG Paphos please visit their website:


Monday, 27 April 2015 16:59

Options Meeting

Just one month ago ASPIRE’s students received their 2ndterm reports and had the opportunity to meet with their teachers. Both parents and students had the opportunity to look further at their subject choices for next year.

Year 9 as well as year 11 students and parents had the chance to go through and discuss the procedure of the options for the following year. There was a talk by Mrs S. Hadjiyiakoumi followed by the opportunity to meet with subject teachers and find out about next year’s subjects.

Information regarding the syllabus for each subject was available as well as sample examination papers, coursework assignments so that students and parents could see what each course entails.

Any parents or students considering joining the school are more than welcome to contact us in order to find more information regarding subject options for next year.

Tel: 00357 26 623 606

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Tombs of the Kings Avenue, Paphos, 8046, Cyprus

A set of excellent results were announced yesterday from UKMT for 12 of ASPIRE’s students!!! 30 of our students took a mathematics test nearly a month ago and 12 of them managed to achieve an award!!!

The students managed to get:

  • 2 Gold Awards
  • 4 Silver Awards
  • 6 Bronze Awards

We are all very proud for their achievement and we would like to congratulate all students that took part in this assessment as well as our Mathematics teacher, Mrs Christiana Erotokritou, for her hard work and determination!

Our two gold award winners have earned the opportunity to take part in the Grey and the Pink Kangaroo European Maths papers which will take place in March.  These are one-hour papers with 25 multiple choice questions, taken by pupils from over 30 countries worldwide.


So what is UKMT?

The UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. The UKMT organises national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils. It was established in 1996 and in the last academic year over 600,000 pupils from 4,000 schools took part in the three individual challenges, the UK's biggest national maths competitions. Each challenge leads into a follow-on Olympiad round and mentoring schemes and summer schools run for high performing students as well as training the team of six to represent the UK in the International Mathematical Olympiad. For more information please visit:

Intermediate Challenge

The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Intermediate Challenge is aimed at pupils in Year 11 or below. The challenge involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in one hour and is sat in school under exam conditions.

What next?

Our Years 7 and 8 will be given the opportunity to try their skills in the UKMT Junior Challenge in May. 

Well done to all the students!!! We look forward to your further success…

Thursday, 19 February 2015 07:15


ASPIRE’s school staff had their second emergency first response training session last Monday 16th February 2015 provided by Mr Jurg Dahler of Fine Globe Services Limited. The majority of Primary and Secondary teachers as well as administration personnel are currently training, improving their skills and knowledge, in Emergency First Response for Primary and Secondary Care as well as Care for Children.

This is a 9 hours course specially designed to deliver both skills and knowledge providing First Aid help in case of an emergency or an accident.  By becoming an Emergency Responder and learning how to handle situations involving injured or ill children and adults all staff are empowered to make a difference.  

Skills taught in this course include:

  • Scene Assessment
  • Barrier Use
  • Primary Assessment
  • CPR – Chest Compression
  • CPR – Chest Compressions Combined With Rescue Breathing
  • Automated External Defibrillator Use
  • Serious Bleeding Management
  • Shock Management
  • Spinal Injury Management
  • Conscious/Unconscious Choking Person
  • Emergency Oxygen Use Orientation

In a school environment children may have mishaps or get sick. Some may be involved in serious incidents or suffer from serious illness. Their conditions may not be immediately life-threating, yet they still need medical care.  Thankfully, these occasions are very rare however Aspire Private British School prefers to adopt a preventative policy and as responsible professionals be prepared for these rare situations.

Aspire British School provides the most up-to-date training to its personnel in order to be able to provide an Emergency First Response Care in case of an emergency.  

In accordance with the Ministry’s announced school holidays, this year we celebrate the Three Hierarchs Feast on January 30th. It is a school holiday and all schools in the island, public and private, will be closed that day.

The Three Hierarchs played a very important role in education and supported the role of the teachers as it is concerned with forming and appreciating characters. They urged educators to demonstrate their love for their students while they were teaching and to respect and recognize the specific traits of each one. They focused on the character of the teacher and recommended that anyone wishing to undertake the task of an educator should be compassionate, self-effacing, willing to sacrifice themselves and be free of pride and arrogance. Moreover, they should always confirm what they taught with their own, personal example.

The Three Hierarchs were highly influential bishops of the early church who played pivotal roles in shaping Christian theology. The three are venerated as saints in Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Anglicanism and other Christian churches.  The Three Hierarchs were: 

  • Basil the Great (330 – 379)
  • Gregory the Theologian (349 – 407)
  • John Chrysostom (329 – 389)

They share the same feast because when a controversy about the three holy Hierarchs and Fathers of the Church arose in Constantinople among men learned in Faith and zealous for virtue, some argued that Saint Basil was above the other two whilst others supported their favourite bishops.  Soon the whole Christian population were caught up in the dispute in what seemed like an endless argument. The solution to this was given when one night the three holy Hierarchs appeared in a dream to Saint John Mauropus separately at first, then together, and speaking with a single voice, they said: “As you see, the three of us are with God and no discord or rivalry divides us”. Saint John immediately assembled the people and informed them of this revelation. He then selected January the 30th as appropriate to their celebration. 

Private British School Aspire has recently joined the Pearson Family. Pearson’s leading qualification brand, Edexcel has been helping people succeed in life through learning for nearly 20 years.

Edexcel’s world-class academic and general qualifications include GCSEs, International GCSEs and GCE A Levels, as well as some vocational qualifications, including NVQs and Functional Skills.

Qualifications combine a progressive approach with international content, allowing learners to achieve their full potential in today’s global economy.

Our students will be examined in a variety of subjects this year including:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Science (Dual Award)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Economics
  • Design and Technology
  • Greek
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Citizenship

 More options will be available the following year!!!

Recently Mrs Sharon Hadjiyiakoumi (Principal) and Mr Dimitris Stavropoulos (Assistant Principal and Examinations Officer) had the chance to take part in an Edexcel National Forum hosted in Limassol. A large number of Edexcel approved centres across the island took place and discussed topics such as future educational developments and examination procedures. It was a very productive meeting where we had the chance to meet Mr Manos Kapterian (Vice President of Pearson Qualifications International) as well as Mr Adam Scott (Regional Development Manager) and get updated with the latest news in international qualifications.

We are continuously working hard to provide the best available qualifications to our students within a school environment with the highest standards!

Monday, 19 January 2015 06:34


We are thrilled to announce that Aspire Private British School has been fully inspected by the Ministry of Education and as a result has been approved and licensed to operate.  All licences for all three departments have been obtained; Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School.

Whilst we were always expecting to take the licence quickly, we are all astounded at how fast this has been achieved!  The Ministry have worked alongside us to ensure that we are recognised as quickly as possible and the teachers and the management would like to thank the Ministry of Education for their efficient and professional approach in this procedure. 

The school went through stringent planning regulations and has been designed and built according to the official Cypriot building regulations provided by the Ministry of Education.  The process involved an inspection by the Fire and Health & Safety departments as well.  The cooperation and guidance of the Paphos Town Planning Department were instrumental in this procedure and we would like to recognise and thank them for their efforts in this. 

The Ministry’s High Committee convened at the end of November where the final decision approving Aspire Private British School actually happened. The final papers were signed in December and the licences are now proudly displayed in the school Reception. Aspire will now be listed within the approved private schools in the Ministry’s official website (

A number of benefits are now available to the school’s community. Parents are now assured that any certificates issued from our school are fully recognisable by the Cypriot authorities as well. The very important ‘Apolytirio Certificate’ (School Leaving Certificate) can be issued alongside their existing GCSE, IGCSE and GCE A level qualifications. Many universities in the UK and internationally consider this within their entry requirements.

Our school is now a full member of the local community and can take part in all events across the island like parading on 25th March. We can also now take part in a number of European educational programs like professional development programs for our personnel or school twinning programs.

To top this news, we are also very pleased to announce we have received full Centre Status as an Edexcel International Examination Centre meaning that all Edexcel examinations (GCSE, IGCSE and GCE A levels) can take place at Aspire. 

Aspire – we are the change you have been waiting for…the future is bright.

kindergarten school licence

primary school licence

secondary school licence


Primary students at ASPIRE had fun in the driving seat last week when they visited two Limassol-based museums.

First up was the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum. Pupils were guided around the 1,000 square metre attraction and shown its collection of classic, historic and collectible cars.

Vehicles included the well-known green Mini used by TV character Mr Bean and a Rover P5 used by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The museum's guides also talked to the children about road safety and invited them to hop on to a double decker bus.

ASPIRE also paid a visit to Archimedes, an educational playground featuring more than 20 games inspired by the inventions of Archimedes.

Students had fun navigating a laser maze, playing with 3D puzzles and building their own bridge before testing it out.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 04:59


Reception and Year 1 children enjoyed a teddy bears' picnic last week.

The children brought in their favourite stuffed animal and spent part of the morning preparing sandwiches and snacks before setting off on their picnic.

Pupils used a class-made map to find their way to the big school's yard where they found a tent all made up for them.

Once snuggled inside, the children were read a story and played a game. It was then time for food.

After letting their jam sandwiches and chocolate marshmallow treats settle down the pupils had more time to play. Their bears, meanwhile, watched on from the shaded veranda.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Students at ASPIRE learnt about the importance of education during last week’s assembly.

Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi, Principal of the school, asked for three volunteers to come forward before presenting them with a range of tinned foods.

Each student was asked to pick one to eat, but there was a catch … the labels were in Japanese.

One of the volunteers, Eva, was given a handmade Japanese dictionary to help her decide. She chose strawberries (much nicer than the cold baked beans and mushrooms!).

The exercise highlighted how something the majority of us take for granted, reading, can impact our lives.

Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi went on to talk about Malala Yousafzai. Malala was just 15 when the Taliban stormed her school bus in October 2012 and shot her in the head.

It was an attempt to silence her and her campaign for girls’ rights to go to school - millions of girls around the world are denied a formal education because of social, economic, legal and political factors.

Incredibly, Malala survived. She now attends a school in Birmingham, England, as well as tirelessly campaigns for a world where every girl reaches her true potential.

During the assembly, a group of Primary pupils also delivered a presentation about their recent cricket tournament and Year 10 student Daria gave an inspired speech after learning about rhetoric in English lessons.

Monday, 16 June 2014 04:54


A group of ASPIRE's Primary children took park in an under 11s cricket tournament last week.

The event, which took place at The Heritage Private School in Limassol, saw the students compete against teams from other private schools. 

The boys won one of their three matches while the girls won two out of four.

We would like to say a huge well done to all of the children for showing great enthusiasm and sportsmanship and for their hard work during the games - we witnessed some brilliant batting and fielding.

A huge thanks also goes to the Cyprus Cricket Association for organising the day. 

Students at ASPIRE have been awarded certificates for their success in the UK’s biggest maths competition.

A number of pupils from Year 7 and 8 sat the Junior Maths Challenge earlier this month.

The competition, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT), is a 25-question paper that students answer in one hour and under exam conditions.

It is designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils.

Congratulations go to Theo for getting a gold and Pavel and Charlotte for getting a silver.

A huge well done to Sarah, Jack, Artem and Eleni for picking up a bronze in the competition, too.

These incredible results mean that, out of the 100,000s of children that took part, the students are all in the top 40 per cent of performers. 

A group of Secondary students took part in a three day, two night walk over the weekend as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

The pupils walked from the school in Pegia to the new school building on Tombs of the Kings Avenue … via villages including Tsada, Episkopi and Chloraka.

Students completed the walk, which was thought to be around 30km in total, independently.

This means that they planned their own route, cooked their own food and carried all equipment.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award enables students to learn practical skills that are valuable to their personal and professional development.

The Award is comprised of three levels and four sections, with the latest walk being part of the students’ silver award.

Well done to everyone who took part for showing great enthusiasm and maturity.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Students at ASPIRE will be submitting a proposal to take part in Pafos2017's artistic programme.

Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi, Principal of the school, introduced the organisation’s open call for submissions during Friday’s assembly.

Pupils were then divided into their Houses before being encouraged to come up with ideas.

The proposal, for an original design, event or activity, needs to fit Pafos2017’s main idea of Open Air Factory and its motto ‘linking continents, bridging cultures’.

Ideas also need to fall within a particular category: myth and religion, travellers of the world, or steps of the future.

The school now has until 31st July to turn its ideas into one suitable proposal.

All submissions will be evaluated by a committee set up by the European Capital of Culture and will include the organisation’s Artistic Director as well as recognised individuals from the world of art.

The chosen ideas will then be brought to life and take place between September 2014 and the 31st December 2017.

Click HERE for more information on Pafos2017.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 05:28


Year 3 and 4 pupils explored Pegia and surrounding areas last week as part of their recent studies.

The children started at Pegia village where they were tasked with answering questions about local buildings and amenities.

After visiting the area’s fountain, church and municipal building, the group moved on to Coral Bay’s Mass-Palaeokastro Museum.

The small museum was built in 1989 in the area where the first Mycenaean Greeks settled in Cyprus at around 1200 BC.

Pupils were able to learn about the colonisation of the island by the Greeks and enjoy the building’s unusual, UFO-like design.

Before returning to ASPIRE the pupils stopped off at Agios Georgios (St. George).

Here, they enjoyed points of interest such as ancient ruins and the monastery before having lunch at the picturesque harbour.

The trip was linked with the students’ Geography work and current History topic where they will complete a study of their local environment.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Students at ASPIRE got a taste of different cultures this week when they sampled foods from around the world.

The activity was part of Nations, an afternoon club for Primary children that aims to explore a range of countries and cultures.

Dr Sneddon, who hosts the club, invited pupils to bring in an international dish and introduce it to everyone else.

It was then, of course, time to dig in.

Lasagne, truffles, cinnamon rolls and cranachan, a traditional Scottish dessert, were just some of the items on the menu.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 06:12


After seven tense rounds, ASPIRE's chess tournament has finished.

Congratulations go to Nikki in Year 5 for winning the Primary competition and Nick in Year 10 for winning the Secondary.

Both students will be presented with trophies at ASPIRE’s annual awards afternoon towards the end of the year.

We’d also like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part for showing great sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

The tournament was part of the larger Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge, the world’s largest chess competition.

ASPIRE was among approximately 50,000 children competing worldwide, with the top scorers from participating centres eligible to attend ‘megafinals’ in the UK.

Click HERE to read the original news story.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 06:08


Students at ASPIRE got a taste of political high life on Friday when they visited Nicosia’s Presidential Palace.

Pupils were given a guided tour of the building, which is the official workplace and residence of the President of the Republic, and even had the opportunity to take a peek inside the President’s office.

After a short coach ride learning about passing points of interest, pupils then took a stroll along Ledra street, a major shopping thoroughfare that links North and South Nicosia.

Here, the children were able to observe a crossing point and learn more about the last divided capital city in the world.

Before returning to ASPIRE, students visited Shacolas Tower, a museum and observatory housed in the capital’s highest building that offers sweeping views of the city and its surroundings.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Friday, 02 May 2014 05:17


Secondary students at ASPIRE took part in an online maths competition over the Easter holiday.

Pupils were encouraged to take part in a contest on, a website dedicated to free and fun learning that has more than 5 million registered students from across the globe.

The maths contest involved ASPIRE students playing a series of educational games against other children at the school and around the world.

Games are geared for a range of abilities and are designed to adapt to each student’s progress.

Mr Murphy monitored the children’s activity to see which House scored the most points in total.

Congratulations go to Red House for winning the competition. Yellow House came second and Blue House came third.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 06:17


ASPIRE held a sports day at Akritas Chlorakas Stadium before the Easter holiday.

Pupils joined their House for a range of competitive events, including an egg and spoon race, relay race, and football and rounders tournaments.

A group of parents also got into the competitive spirit by taking part in a sack race.

At the end of the morning, Primary children were given medals and all children that placed were presented with certificates.

Well done to all of the children for showing great enthusiasm and sportsmanship, and congratulations to Yellow House for scoring the most points on the day.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Monday, 28 April 2014 05:29


A group of ASPIRE’s secondary students joined children from Silverline Private School earlier this month for a sports day.

Key Stage 3 pupils from both schools came together to compete in a range of track and field events, including shot put, javelin, high jump and the 100 metres.

The event, on 9th April, took place at Limassol’s Tsirion Stadium, which is said to be the biggest stadium in the city and the second biggest in Cyprus.

Well done to all of our students for showing great enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Monday, 14 April 2014 06:13


ASPIRE got into the sporting spirit last month when it hosted a day of activities for Sport Relief.

Pupils spent the morning of 21st March completing a sponsored three-legged walk before the Year 10 boys put on a surprise show during assembly.

It was then time for the main morning event - Mr Murphy getting his head shaved.

Parents and friends later joined teachers and pupils for an activity afternoon.

There was a bouncy castle, face painting, bake sale, sponge the teacher, sponge the student, as well as penalty shootout and ping pong competitions.

We’re now pleased to announced that ASPIRE raised an incredible €1614.98 on the day, with more than €900 coming from sponsorship money alone.

Sport Relief 2014 has already raised an astonishing £53 million and every penny will be spent on projects that help the world’s poorest communities.

For more information on where your donations will be going visit

Thursday, 10 April 2014 05:50


A student at ASPIRE has been helping a global campaign to get rid of 100,000 tons of illegal rubbish.

Year 8 pupil Pavel met with other ‘Let’s Do It Cyprus’ volunteers on Sunday for a clean up at Lara Beach.

Their work will have helped to reduce the high level of pollution at the beach and, as a consequence, help the green and loggerhead turtles that reside in the area.

‘Let’s Do It Cyprus’ is part of the larger ‘Let’s Do It! World’.

The campaign was born in 2008 when 50,000 volunteers came together to rid Estonia of 10,000 tons of rubbish from roadsides, forest and towns.

It was claimed that the entire country was cleaned in just five hours.

A video of the project went viral and inspired people from other countries to do the same.

Now, millions of volunteers from more than 100 countries have given up their time to take part in clean up actions.

Cyprus joined in 2012 and has since organised events all over the island.

Visit for more information and to see how you can get involved.

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 05:38


Students at ASPIRE will get the opportunity to learn about photo manipulation when afternoon clubs launch again after Easter.

Photoshop, a popular graphics editing program, is just one of the new activities on offer and will allow students to explore their creative side and develop technical skills.

The club is being offered to Secondary students by Mr Dickie, a former newspaper subeditor.

Chess, volleyball, needlework, football, outdoor games, GCSE Science, Greek and a club exploring different cultures around the world are also available to students.

With the exception of Monday, a different club will run every weekday for both Primary and Secondary pupils.

The extracurricular activities give students the opportunity to explore other talents and interests and to pick up new skills along the way.

ASPIRE's Reception and Year 1 children hosted their first ever assembly on Friday.

The children have been looking at traditional tales as part of recent literacy work and gave a presentation to the rest of Primary about what they have learnt.

They sang songs, talked about some of the stories they have been reading and showed off posters and character masks they had made in the classroom.

The children even acted out Jack and the Beanstalk after spending class time practising in their own role-play area.

We'd like to say a huge well done to the children for learning their lines and for delivering a fantastic presentation.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Monday, 31 March 2014 05:46


ASPIRE was treated to two student-led presentations during Friday's assembly.

First up, Year 7 and 8 pupils delivered a funny and thoughtful presentation on technology.

They talked about man's reliance on the latest gadgets and, at the other end of the scale, how the simplest technology can change lives in certain pockets of the world.

It was then turn for a group of Native Greek students to talk about the history and heroes behind Greek Independence Day.

The national holiday, celebrated on 25th March, commemorates the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 04:57


Year 3 and 4 children at ASPIRE took part in a Tudor-themed day last week after learning about the period in history lessons.

Pupils, who dressed up for the occasion, used ink and feathers to write, made paper neck ruffles and practised their Tudor dancing as part of the day.

Each child also made their own pomander, a ball made up of perfumes or herbs that was carried around as a protection against infection.

After a day of activities, Year 9 students visited the class to deliver a presentation on Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 06:46


ASPIRE hosted a Secondary hockey tournament on Friday for its latest House competition.

Students competed in a series of six-a-side games for the ultimate prize - House Points.

Congratulations go to Red team for winning their two matches and bagging 100 points for their House.

Blue House came second and were awarded 50 points while Yellow House came third, receiving 25.

Special recognition for outstanding play went to Andrew from Year 10 and Alex from Year 9.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 04:59


ASPIRE held a pie and puds bake off for Sport Relief yesterday.

Pupils were invited to make a sweet or savoury pie or pudding with a sport-related twist.

We had 18 entries and, as you can see from these photographs, lots of delicious creations.

Mr Murphy and Mrs Pennington carefully considered the taste and presentation of each baked item before deciding on their winners.

Congratulations go to Eleni in Year 7 for winning the savoury category with her sport-inspired steak pie and Delaney in Year 6 for winning the sweet category with her football sponge cake.

€90 was raised from entries alone, with €10s more expected from the sale of the pies and puds.

With everyone’s sweet tooth satisfied, ASPIRE is now preparing for a range of charity events on Friday 21st March.

Students will spend the morning taking part in a three-legged, mile-long walk and attending a special assembly before the school opens its doors to friends and family for an activity afternoon.

Sponge the teacher, sponge the student, a penalty shootout competition, bouncy castle and face painting will be among the attractions.

All money raised on the day will go towards projects that benefit the world's poorest communities.

Since the last Sport Relief, which took place in 2012, an incredible £67.9 million has been spent ensuring disadvantaged people have quality education, access to clean water and are vaccinated against preventable diseases.

Click HERE for more information about Sport Relief.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 07:00


Reception and Year 1 children have been planting seeds after learning about growing in Science lessons.

And, after looking at Jack and the Beanstalk, it was only right to use beans.

The children’s planting pots are now collecting sunlight from the classroom and we’re already seeing some shoots.

Pupils have also been practising their sewing skills by making bear puppets.

They will use their finished creations to help them learn about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, one of the traditional tales they have been exploring as part of recent literacy work.

Visit for pictures.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 07:22


Two students at ASPIRE have been awarded certificates for their success in the UK’s biggest maths competition.

Year 10 pupils Molly and Iris were among ten ASPIRE students to sit the Intermediate Maths Challenge last month.

The competition, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT), is a 25-question paper designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils.

Molly has been awarded a silver certificate while Iris has received a gold, making them some of the top-performing students worldwide.

Around 600,000 pupils from 4,000 schools took part last year.

Iris will now join around 500 of the highest scorers of his year in a follow-up round on 20th March.

The Junior Challenge, open to pupils from Year 8 and below, will take place on 1st May.

Friday, 28 February 2014 06:23


Secondary students visited Polis earlier this week to explore coastal erosion.

The pupils have been looking at the topic in Geography lessons and took the trip to see the effects up close.

Polis campsite, one of the island’s most popular beaches, saw devastating erosion over a two-day period in December.

Some 40 metres of sandy beach is believed to have been sliced away, with many blaming a 6.2 earthquake off the coast of Turkey on 28th December.

The quake was felt across Cyprus, particularly north of Paphos.

Students completed a field study on the day before stopping off in Sea Caves on the way back to ASPIRE to see how erosion has affected a different part of the island.

Click HERE to see pictures.

ASPIRE is raising money for Sport Relief, one of the world's biggest fundraising events.

On Friday 21st March students will work together to complete a mile-long, three-legged walk for charity.

We'll also be hosting a pie and puds bake-off and have given children the opportunity to vote for a bonus event (which includes shaving Mr Murphy's head!)

Pupils will also spend this week’s form time coming up with extra ways they can raise funds.

Last year ASPIRE raised nearly €2,000 for Comic Relief through a range of activities, including sponge the teacher, and this year we hope to smash our charity record.

All money raised will go towards projects that benefit the world's poorest communities.

The previous Sport Relief, which took place in 2012, raised an incredible £67.9 million.

Since the event, which takes place every two years, more than 6.4 million people around the world have benefitted.

The record-breaking figure has supported 280,000 people with quality education, bought more than 1.4 million vaccines for preventable diseases, and helped ensure at least 100,000 people have access to clean water.

Click HERE for more information about Sport Relief and ideas on how you can get involved.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 06:42


Children at ASPIRE were feeling on top of the world yesterday when they took a trip to Troodos, the largest mountain range of Cyprus.

Pupils explored Troodos Square, a site just 5km from the island’s highest peak, Mount Olympus.

Reception and Year 1 pupils spent time in the area’s playground before enjoying some of the panoramic views and experiencing traditional souvenir shops.

Other Primary children joined a group of Secondary students on a scenic walk close to a pine-filled forest.

On the way to Troodos, pupils also stopped off at Kolossi Castle to learn about its history and, for some Secondary students, to practice the Greek language.

The castle, 11km west of Limassol, was built in the 15th century on the ruins of a former fortress.

Click HERE to see photos.

Monday, 24 February 2014 06:58


A group of Secondary students completed a 15km walk over the weekend to practice for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

The pupils followed the Enetika Gefyria Trail, also known as the Medieval Bridges Nature Trail, which takes hikers past the Venetian bridges of Elia, Tsielefos and Roydia.

Students followed the track through dense pine forest and winding streams and were able to take in dozens of panoramic views along the way.

Well done to everyone who took part for showing great enthusiasm and motivation.

Click HERE for pictures.

A new range of afternoon activities are set to start at ASPIRE next week.

With the exception of Monday, a different club will run every weekday for both Primary and Secondary students.

Art, eco club, outdoor games and rounders are available to Primary pupils while Secondary students have the choice of cricket, magazine club, Greek, Art and GCSE Science.

Students are allowed to join as many of the complimentary clubs as they like.

The activities, which will run until the Easter holiday, give pupils the opportunity to explore other talents and interests and to pick up new skills along the way.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 05:40


A group of Year 5 and 6 pupils took charge of assembly on Friday to talk to ASPIRE about Teachers' Day.

Teachers' Day is intended to be a special day for the appreciation of teachers. For the occasion, the students put together a presentation featuring members of staff and thanked them for their hard work and dedication.

As an example of the kindness and influence of a teacher, they also told the story of Ali Mohammadian.

The Iranian schoolteacher shaved his head after noticing that one of his students was being bullied after going bald as a result of a mysterious illness.

The act of solidarity struck a chord with the pupil's peers - the bullying stopped and the rest of the class shaved their heads too.

Following the assembly, some students hand-delivered flowers to teachers with a note of thanks.

Monday, 17 February 2014 05:58


Year 3 and 4 pupils got into the spirit of Valentine's on Friday when they made themed cupcakes and edible roses.

The pupils used their afternoon art class to create the delicacies before having their photo taken with the finished results.

Also in the loving mood were Reception and Year 1 children.

They spent part of their morning making hand-made Valentine's cards for their parents and siblings.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Monday, 10 February 2014 07:09


Secondary students at ASPIRE have taken part in the UK’s biggest maths competition.

The Intermediate Maths Challenge, which took place on Thursday 6th February, is a multiple choice test designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils.

Organised by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT), the paper is open to pupils in Year 11 and below and contains 25 questions. The first 15 are accessible whilst the final 10 provide more of a challenge.

Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to the top-performing students nationally, with the most successful eligible to enter follow-on rounds.

Last year ASPIRE was among 3,700 schools taking part and, including the Junior Challenge, 13 certificates were handed out to students.

All papers have been sent to the UKMT for assessment and results will be posted in due course. The Junior Challenge, open to pupils from Year 8 and below, will take place on 1st May.

Monday, 10 February 2014 06:05


Students have become teachers to help them master their trickiest maths topics.

Mr Murphy, Deputy Principal and Maths teacher at ASPIRE, asked each Year 8 pupil an area they found difficult ... and then gave them three weeks to prepare a lesson on it.

Pavel was first up with his 30-minute lesson on graphs. All other pupils will take it in turns to teach their peers this week.

The exercise will help the class get to grips with a topic they may be struggling with, as well as see other topics from a different perspective.

Friday, 07 February 2014 06:27


ASPIRE held a safety drill this week to ensure all of the children know what to do in the event of an earthquake. 

At the sound of an alarm, pupils followed the instructions 'drop, cover and hold on'. Then, when safe, everyone gathered outside for a register.

Teachers followed the drill by going over safety procedures and answering any questions during form time.

Common advice is to drop down onto your hands and knees as soon as you feel a tremor. This position protects you from potentially falling, but allows you to still move if necessary.

The next step is to cover your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table or desk. If there is no shelter nearby, you should get down near an interior wall and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.

Finally, hold on to your shelter until the shaking stops.

Click HERE for further information.

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 07:17


Reception and Year 1 children have seen a classic story come to life after transforming part of their classroom into a role-play area.

The children have been looking at traditional tales as part of their recent literacy work and set about creating the castle from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Now finished (with added beanstalk!), the pupils have been acting out the tale to help them learn about characters and narrative.

They have also been looking at other stories, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Monday, 03 February 2014 06:19


Year 7 students took over assembly on Friday to talk to ASPIRE about Chinese New Year.

Charlotte and Eleni delivered a presentation on the origins and customs of the traditional holiday, which took place on 31st January.

The pupils spoke about how 12 animals came to be featured before introducing 2014 as the year of the Horse.

Running from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, the celebration is the longest in the Chinese calendar.

As part of the holiday, families traditionally gather for a reunion dinner.

They also prepare by placing red decorations around windows and doors and clean their house in order to sweep away ill-fortune and make way for good luck.

Following the assembly, students were invited to look at the Chinese Zodiac to find their animal and see if its reputed attributes match their personality.

Students at ASPIRE will soon be among 1,000s of children taking part in the world's largest chess tournament.

During Friday's assembly, Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi talked to primary pupils about the 19th Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge.

The event, due to start later this week, will start with seven rounds at ASPIRE.

Top scorers from participating centres, along with the leading girls and boys from different age groups, will then be eligible to attend the ‘megafinals’, which are due to take place in the UK in March.

Open to all students, the competition promises to introduce new children to the game as well as testing the skills of more experienced players.

Those who take part have the opportunity to win badges and mascots. The Primary and Secondary winners at ASPIRE will also get to see their name on a special trophy.

Last year, ASPIRE was part of 1,540 schools and clubs taking part, with a total of more than 50,000 children.

Keep checking back for updates.

Friday, 24 January 2014 06:17


It was ‘lights, camera, action’ for Year 7 students last week when they filmed a short video as part of their English lesson.

The children have been studying The Magician’s Elephant and were tasked with dramatising a chapter of the book.

It gave pupils the opportunity to explore the text in a different way and, using voice and gesture, develop their understanding of the chapter and its characters.

Written by American author Kate DiCamillo, The Magician’s Elephant follows a young orphan who receives mysterious information from a fortune-teller - his fate is tied to an elephant that has inexplicably fallen from the sky.

Click HERE to see the video.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 07:14


A small group of native Greek students visited the Byzantine Museum of Paphos earlier this week to practice the language and learn about local history.

The museum, which lies within the precincts of the Paphos Bishopric, was created to protect and promote Byzantine icons and frescos and is home to the oldest icon preserved in Cyprus.

It also houses collections of old printed books, metal art works and embroidered items from the 18th and 19th century.

After the visit, Greek teacher Miss Maria guided the children around Paphos’ municipal area, pointing out buildings of interest such as the Town Hall and  some of the first schools to be built in the region.

Before returning to ASPIRE, the pupils were treated to a quick stop-off at the market. Here, Miss Maria talked about traditional Cypriot products such as Lefkara lace.

Click HERE to see photographs.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:34


Pupils at ASPIRE were given an explosive introduction to Secondary science when they took part in a taster session.

Last month, while Secondary students were in London, Primary children worked in small groups for the well-known diet cola and Mentos experiment.

The project, organised by Mr Paraskos, involves dropping a chewy mint into a large bottle of cola and is a fun way to teach chemical reactions.

Click HERE to see what happened.

A student who won €50 for a charity of his choice has decided to donate the money to help Forces amputees.

Misha, a Year 7 pupil, received €50 for himself and €50 to be given to a good cause when his name was called out during a raffle at ASPIRE’s annual Christmas concert.

He has kindly decided to give the money to the Pilgrim Bandits, a British-based charity set up by a small group of Special Forces veterans to help wounded soldiers live life to the full.

The Bandits have visited ASPIRE twice in as many years and inspired students, including Misha, with their personal stories and positive attitudes.

On behalf of the charity, we would like to thank Misha for his donation.

Monday, 20 January 2014 07:06


Year 6 students have inspired ASPIRE to be more kind after hosting an assembly on random acts of kindness.

The pupils opened Friday’s presentation by talking about New Year’s resolutions and how it’s the perfect time to make a change.

They went on discuss random acts of kindness, or RAoC for short, and how something simple can make a difference.

To illustrate, the students told their audience about Danny Wallace, a British writer and producer who placed an advert in a London newspaper in 2002 simply saying ‘join me’.

With no more information, the newspaper’s readers were asked to send Wallace a passport photograph.

Surprisingly, hundreds of people became ‘joinees’ and the Karma Army was born - people committed to performing one act of kindness a week.

Wallace set up a website, which is still active, to blog and document some of the acts ...

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 06:16


Afternoon clubs kick off at ASPIRE today (14th January) with a range of new activities on offer.

Art, table tennis, gardening and rounders are available to Primary pupils while Secondary students have the choice of Duke of Edinburgh, film club, rugby and GCSE Science.

With the exception of Monday, a different club will run every weekday, which allows students to join as many as they like.

The activities, which are all complimentary, give pupils the opportunity to explore other talents and interests and to pick up new skills along the way.

Clubs will run until Friday 21st February when, after a short break, a new schedule will be announced.

Thursday, 09 January 2014 06:15


ASPIRE's recent trip to London has been featured in January's Paphos Post. Here's the article in full ...

Pupils from Pegia rubbed shoulders with the stars during a recent trip to London.

Secondary students from ASPIRE, Centre of Excellence were sightseeing in the English capital when they stumbled across filming for television series Law & Order: UK.

They had the opportunity to watch some of the action, which featured well-known TV presenter and actor Bradley Walsh, before posing for photographs with actors dressed as police officers.

Walsh was joined by Ben Bailey Smith, an up-and-coming rapper, comedian and actor who also goes by the stage name Doc Brown.

Sarah Koring, 12, a Year 8 pupil at ASPIRE, said: “We were walking along Tower Bridge when we saw police officers and police cars everywhere ...

Monday, 23 December 2013 06:17


Children at ASPIRE showed no signs of being Scrooges when they took part in the centre’s annual Christmas concert last week.

The event, held at Trimithousa Village Hall on 19th December, opened with a quick talk from Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi before the drama club presented a performance of “Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge!”

Based on the classic tale “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, the play follows a selfish man who learns the true meaning of Christmas after being visited by three ghosts.

The performance featured pupils from Reception all the way through to Year 9 and included a number of festive songs.

After a song about sausages brought the show to an end students, Jack and Michael announced the winner of their Enterprise club competition to guess how many sweets are in a jar.

It was then the PTA’s turn to get on stage and reveal who had won prizes in the Christmas raffle. A chocolate hamper, cases of wine and even an iPad Mini were among the prizes given out.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us on the evening and well done to the drama club for all of their hard work.

Click HERE to see pictures.

Thursday, 19 December 2013 07:10


ASPIRE’S PTA hosted a Christmas party earlier this week for the centre’s Primary pupils.

All of the children had a fun and festive time with a range of games and activities, including karaoke, pass the parcel and musical chairs.

Father Christmas himself also made a surprise appearance before handing out presents in his grotto, and there was even a face-painting elf on hand to add a touch of sparkle to proceedings.

The party comes a week after the PTA treated Secondary students to a meal at a local Chinese restaurant.

A huge thank you to all of our teachers and parents for helping to create a special evening for the children. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 05:42


Year 5 and 6 pupils went back in time last week when they completed a day of Victorian education.

Miss Laura, with her cane at the ready, delivered lessons on the British Empire and asked students to read from the Bible as part of the themed day.

The children, who dressed up for the occasion, also recited their times tables and practiced copperplate writing.

After a morning of hard work pupils even got the opportunity to tuck into the finest delicacies from the period ... bread, cheese and water.

Monday, 16 December 2013 06:18


ASPIRE’s magazine club has launched ‘Carpe Diem’, a publication all about the Centre of Excellence.

The 14-page magazine, which is now available online, was written and produced by Secondary students and features news, interviews and puzzles.

Students met once a week throughout the autumn term to put their product together and, after receiving positive feedback, are already working on issue two.

Mr Dickie, a former newspaper sub-editor who now teaches at ASPIRE, led the group. He said: “The students’ hard work and enthusiasm has provided us with a great little publication.

“Many thanks to all members of the teaching staff for answering questionnaires, posing for photos and generally helping out in any way.”

Click HERE to read a digital copy.

Friday, 13 December 2013 06:26


Two students at ASPIRE are hoping for sweet success with their latest business idea.

Jack and Michael have launched a competition to guess how many sweets are in a jar.

It’s 50 cent a guess or three guesses for €1. The winner, who will be announced during next week’s Christmas show, will be the one who gets the closest ... and will get to keep the sweets.

The competition is part of the students’ work with Enterprise club, just one of the afternoon activities at ASPIRE.

It also follows the positive feedback they received from their previous idea, a ‘name the bear’ competition.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 07:15


ASPIRE’s PTA has launched a Christmas raffle.

All students were sent home with a book of tickets this week to sell to their family and friends.

Each ticket costs €1 and all money raised will go to making the centre even better for the children.

The winning tickets will be drawn on Thursday 19th December during ASPIRE’s annual Christmas show.

Prizes include a new iPad Mini, a food hamper, and a festive drinks hamper. The student that sells the most tickets will also receive €20.

ASPIRE and the PTA would like to thank all parents who have donated gifts.

Monday, 09 December 2013 06:41


Volunteers from the Paphos shoebox appeal visited ASPIRE on Friday to collect the children’s completed boxes.

Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi, Principal of ASPIRE, opened Friday’s assembly by reminding pupils about the meaning behind the charity initiative and thanked everyone for their help in giving local children a ‘Gift of Love’ for Christmas.

After a personal thank you from the two volunteers, Primary pupils then lined up outside to hand-deliver the gifts.

We are proud to have collected more than 25 boxes filled with toys, treats and toiletries, which will now be distributed to needy children in the region.

A huge thank you to all pupils and parents for their contribution to this very worthy cause.

For more information on the appeal please see our original news story, ‘Shoebox Appeal’, or visit

Monday, 09 December 2013 06:05


ASPIRE’s ‘name the bear’ competition came to an end during Friday’s assembly when the name Maggie was drawn out at random.

The title was chosen by Nikoletta, who now gets to keep the giant plush dog.

A huge well done to Jack and Michael for organising the competition as part of Enterprise club.

The business partners are now working hard to bring their next idea to life - guessing the number of sweets in a jar.

Keep checking the news page for details, as well as other Enterprise updates.

Monday, 02 December 2013 06:47


ASPIRE is proud to announce that it is a new sponsor for the Paphos Tigers.

The Centre has sponsored the Tigers’ youth teams, the Minis and Juniors, which together cater for players from the age of five to 16.

As part of the sponsorship, ASPIRE’s logo will soon be found on the players’ well-known orange strip.

The Minis and Juniors train in Tala every Sunday at 11am. Beginners are always welcome.

For more information on the Tigers visit

Friday, 29 November 2013 06:29


ASPIRE hosted a football tournament earlier this week for its latest House competition.

Students joined their House, either Red, Blue or Yellow, for a series of matches at break times. And there was an extra goal in sight - House points.

The rules were simple: each House would play the other two. The team with the most goals at the end wins.

In Primary, the games reached a tense end when it was revealed that Red and Yellow had both scored five goals.

Mr Broadbent, who refereed the games, announced a penalty shootout, which led to Red House winning.

In Secondary, Yellow house won despite not winning a single game. They did, however, score the most goals.

Keep checking ASPIRE’s website for details on upcoming House competitions.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 06:08


An afternoon club at ASPIRE is hoping its latest business idea will bear fruit.

Enterprise, which is led by Mr Murphy, has launched a 'name the bear' competition.

Students have been invited to pay €1 and guess the name of a giant plush dog from a selection. The winner will get to keep the bear.

The competition is the first Enterprise idea that has come to life since the group formed earlier in the month.

Members have spent previous club time coming up with, and developing, business ideas that could work in and around ASPIRE.

Enterprise, just one of the afternoon clubs currently running at ASPIRE, is a great opportunity for the children to learn a number of transferrable skills, including problem solving, time management and negotiation.

The teddy’s name will be announced soon. Bear with us ...

Monday, 25 November 2013 06:03


Secondary students at ASPIRE have joined an appeal to help needy children in Paphos following a talk from Primary pupils.

Year 6 made a presentation about ‘A Gift of Love’ during Friday’s assembly, an appeal to help fill hundreds of shoeboxes with Christmas gifts for less fortunate children in the region.

Primary children have already spent a week working on the initiative by collecting, decorating and filling boxes.

And now Secondary years have agreed to help in order to reach even more local families.

Please see our original news story, ‘Shoebox Appeal’, for more information.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 06:04


Reception and Year 1 children at ASPIRE have been left wondering ‘what else is out there’ after starting work on their new topic - space.

The children have already been learning about Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, and what astronauts wear.

They have also been going on their own space missions after creating space suits and a space station.

Pupils worked together to design ASPIRE 11, the centre’s very own rocket, before placing it in the classroom’s dedicated space zone.

The area, exclusively for ASPIRE’s little astronauts, is decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars, space-related pictures and books, and high-tech torches to help them on their missions.

Children will also be learning about planets and the solar system as part of the topic.

Click HERE to see more pictures.

Monday, 18 November 2013 07:09


Students at ASPIRE have joined a local charity initiative to help needy children in Paphos.

Sharon Hadjiyiakoumi, Principal of ASPIRE, used Friday’s assembly to speak to the Primary children about ‘A Gift of Love’.

The initiative is the brainchild of two Paphos-based women, Jenny Kelly and Emma Yianni, who are appealing to the public to help fill hundreds of shoeboxes with Christmas gifts. The boxes will then be given to less fortunate children in and around Paphos.

During the assembly, Reception and Year 1 children helped Mrs Hadjiyiakoumi decorate a box as an example.

Children have now been asked to bring in any empty shoeboxes they may have, as well as a small gift for either a boy or girl their own age.

They will then spend upcoming art classes decorating and filling the boxes before they are presented to the charity, Solidarity Paphos.

Not only is it an opportunity for the children to work on a class project, it is a chance to become part of the wider community and help bring joy to people’s lives during difficult times.

Visit to see pictures from the assembly. More information can also be found at

Monday, 18 November 2013 07:05


ASPIRE will be closed tomorrow, 20th November, as a sign of respect following the death of former president Glafcos Clerides.

Clerides, whose political career spanned half a century, died at the age of 94 in a Nicosia hospital.

The day of the funeral, Tuesday 20th, has been declared a public holiday and is part of three days of national mourning.

Friday, 15 November 2013 08:51


Children at ASPIRE took a walk on the wild side this week with a trip to Paphos Zoo.

The visit, on 14th November, was a chance for the Reception and Year 1 classes to practice their Greek vocabulary after spending the term learning about animals in Greek lessons.

Pupils spent the day looking at some of the zoo’s 1200 animals, including bats and penguins, and also had the opportunity to watch a parrot show.

Visit to see more pictures.

Friday, 08 November 2013 13:18


ASPIRE’s weekly assembly ended with a surprise for one student this morning when he was handed his IGCSE Maths certificate.

Year 10 pupils had just delivered a polished presentation on Remembrance Day when the Deputy Principal, Mr Murphy, announced he had a presentation of his own to make.

Mr Murphy, who also teaches Maths at the centre, congratulated Iris for sitting the exam two years early and achieving an A*.

Iris collected his certificate to the sound of applause from his fellow pupils. He is now studying Statistics and Further Pure Maths as part of his IGCSEs.

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